Replacing a gas or electric heater with a Qlima Paraffin heater

Using a Paraffin heater for home heating can be a very effective option, as long as you have the right heater and the right type of fuel. The Qlima Paraffin heater is one of the most popular options, but why should you consider replacing a gas or electric heater with a Qlima Paraffin heater?

What is a Qlima Paraffin heater?

A Qlima Paraffin heater is a effective, safe, and efficient paraffin heater that provide a high level of mobile heating, wherever you are. Producing 2.8 KW of heat, it comfortably heats up an area up to 100 M sq, and requires no installation at all. The Qlima Paraffin heater also has several safety features too.

What are the benefits of replacing a gas or electric heater with a Qlima Paraffin heater?

There are a number of benefits to replacing a gas or electric heater in your home with a Qlima Paraffin heater. These benefits include:

  • Being very economical to run- With the energy prices rising, portable heaters and even electric fires are becoming increasingly expensive for monthly bills. A Qlima Paraffin heater on the other hand offers a high level of heat output for minimal fuel. In fact, one of the main advantages of this heater is its low fuel consumption. Just one litre of Qlima Premium Quality Fuel will heat your room, and your home, for up to five hours. This can even be adjusted depending on your preferences and requirements. As a result, switching from gas or electric heaters to a Qlima can help you save money on monthly energy bills.
  • Maximum safety- gas and electric portable heaters and fires rose to popularity because of the safety concerns associated with paraffin heaters. However, the Qlima Paraffin heater is designed specifically with safety in mind. This is a heater that is will automatically switch off and cut out the power in the event of something that could negatively affect the operation of the heater, such as a power surge or dip. This is not always the case for other gas or electric heaters, and it really is a vital safety feature. Even electrical fires and shocks can be prevented.

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Here at Compass Fuel Oils we are the UKs leading experts when it comes to both commercial and domestic heating oils, as well as a wide range of fuel oils, lubricants and greases. For your home heating, a Qlima Paraffin heater can be a great choice, and help you keep the cost of bills down, safely and effectively. We are industry leaders and you can count on us for your home heating oil solutions and for Qlima Paraffin heaters. These we can deliver safely across mainland UK with same or next day delivery available. For more information or advice about the Qlima paraffin heater, or about any of our high quality fuel oil products or services, get in touch with the team today here at Compass Fuel Oils.