magnus radar fuel monitors

Our fuel level monitors will keep you warm in fuel with minimum effort.

Never run out of fuel again with Magnus Radar Monitors! This highly accurate fuel level monitor is the world’s first battery driven, wireless radar monitor. Magnus Radar Monitors provide accurate, real time information about the level of fuel or fuel oil in your tank, so you’ll know when you’re running low. 

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Highly accurate


Easy to install

Long life

Magnus Radar Monitors for commercial use.

One of the challenges for any company in terms of fuels and fuel oils, is knowing when to top up. Fuels like red diesel, and fuel oils like AdBlue keep a range of machinery up and running, and running out of either can spell disaster. Without power, your production will slow down or stop completely, until you can get refueled. But in some cases, running out of fuel or even fuel oil completely can be dangerous for both the health and safety of your staff and workplace, but also for the machinery itself.

With a Magnus Radar Monitor installed to your tank, you can be sure that your machinery will never run out power. Keeping your business running smoothly, and preventing any issues.

Another key challenge facing businesses is knowing how much fuel to order in bulk. It can be difficult to estimate how much fuel will be needed and when, and different workloads, and different seasons can even make a difference too. With a Magnus Radar Monitor installed in your fuel tanks, you can remove the guesswork. This can help you use fuel more conservatively, and prevent money being wasted on surplus fuel deliveries. Using this professional fuel level monitor can even help you manage your budget more efficiently, helping to make the most out of your profits.

gas oil for forklift trucks

Magnus Radar Monitors for domestic use

But it’s not just businesses that face this challenge. It can also be difficult to determine the amount of fuel left in domestic or residential fuel tanks too. Heating oil and kerosene tanks for example, can be essential for keeping domestic properties fully powered, all year round. And running out of fuel suddenly can leave you with no heating or hot water until your next delivery.  While we do offer 1-3 day fuel delivery across the UK here at Compass Fuel Oils, restocking your supply before you run out will always be the better option. Fuel level monitors can help you do just that, by keeping track of your fuel level 24/7.

With a Magnus Radar Monitor, you can be sure of:

  • Accurate, real time fuel level readings in tanks up to 4m in height
  • An effective early warning system notifying you of the low level of fuel, before you’ll run out completely
  • A simple, no damage installation
  • Up to 5 years of hassle free fuel top ups and deliveries before the sensor may need to be replaced

For more information about fitting a Magnus Radar Monitor, and how this could have a positive impact on your company or business, or your domestic fuel management, why not get in touch with the leading experts today, here at Compass Fuel Oils?