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We are delighted that you have shown an interest to become a valued distributor of TankSponge Eco.

This page will provide you with all the information you need to know
about TankSponge Eco including how to re order and install. We’ve also
created social media assets and content to support you best to sell the TankSponge Eco.

TankSponge Eco is supplied worldwide and was created by Antha Ltd, a UK wide supplier of fuel, offering additional services such as tank replacements and fuel monitoring.

In 2015 production began for their own water removal product at their Head
Office in West Yorkshire. Over 500 tank sponges were sold within the first 2
weeks. As of 2018 the tank sponge range of products have been
manufactured without any single use plastic and are made with the
environment in mind.

The newly designed TankSponge Eco products are now supplied across the
globe and are being used to remove water and help protect the fuel for
thousands of domestic Heating Oil tanks, agricultural and commercial fuel
tanks including some of the largest high street brands.
Visit www.tanksponge.co.uk for more information.

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Features and Benefits of TankSponge Eco


  • The TankSponge Eco absorbs water that sits at the bottom of an oil storage tank.
  • The weight in the tank sponge helps the cage sink to the bottom of the tank where the water collects.
  • There is a super absorbent polymer within the insert to absorb the water.
  • The super absorbent polymer doesn’t soak up any fuel, only the water.
  • There is a 3 metre string attached to the insert, so it can be removed and replaced with ease.
  • There is a cage around the insert to show you when it’s full and needs replacing.


  • The tank sponge reduces the risk of water damage in an oil tank that can get into a boiler system/range cooker, machine tanks or generators.
  • Having a weight in the sponge will ensure that the sponge lays flat at the bottom of the tank where the water is.
  • The sponge soaks up all the water at the bottom of the tank helping to ensure that no sludge will form.

The TankSponge Eco is a new product which removes up to 700ml
of water from an oil tank


  • Maintains the quality of fuel (Kerosene,Gas Oil or Derv).
  • Enables the fuel system to run cleaner & more efficiently.
  • Helps prevent the growth of harmful tank sludge.


  • Any domestic, agriculture and commercial customers with an oil tank with a fill point hole of diameter greater than 55mm.


    • Driver can insert the TankSponge Eco during fuel delivery or it can be posted to your customer who can insert at their own convenience.
    • Check 2 weeks after install if full contact supplier as this would indicate considerable water contamination.
    • Sponge should be checked every 2 months and replaced when full or every 12 months.

Highly Accurate

Super Absorbant

Easy to install

Long life

How to Install

The TankSponge Eco has been made so that anyone can easily install. Open the
packaging and place the insert into the cage and snap shut. Open your oil tank and
tie the string to the top and lower into the oil tank.

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