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Fleet Upgrade News

As part of our constant fleet upgrade scheme, today saw the Compass HQ say goodbye to the oldest truck in the fleet and in it’s place, arrived a newly built tanker from Northern Ireland-based Morrow Tanker Services.

With a maximum load capacity of 8500L it’s perfectly suited to servicing both…

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Published Date:10th May 2017
Category: Emergency Fuel Deliveries, Fuel oils, Gas Oil, Heating Oil, Kerosene, Red Diesel


Christmas Opening Hours

Friday 23rd December – 8:00 – 1pm
Saturday 24th – CLOSED (Weekend)
Sunday 25th – CLOSED (Christmas Day)
Monday 26th – CLOSED (Bank Holiday)
Tuesday 27th – CLOSED (Bank Holiday)
Weds 28th – OPEN 9AM – 2PM
Thursday 29th – OPEN 9AM – 2PM
Friday 30th – OPEN 9AM – 2PM
Saturday 31st – CLOSED (Weekend)

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Published Date:23rd December 2016
Category: General


New Vehicle Livery

Our new DAF 4 wheeler is back from the sign writers and looking fantastic and ready for some hard work around the North West this winter.

Remember we deliver gas oil, kerosene heating oil, lubricants and AdBlue all over the region so why not give us a call on 01772…

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Published Date:12th December 2016
Category: Adblue, Fuel oils, Gas Oil, General, Heating Oil, Kerosene, Red Diesel


New truck arrives at Preston HQ

It’s new truck Tuesday here at the Compass HQ!

Today we welcome a new addition into the Compass fleet – a 13,500 litre Leyland DAF 4 wheeler to help us keep up with the demand of the domestic kerosene market throughout winter.

It’s small size means we can reach 99% of…

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Published Date:29th November 2016
Category: Heating Oil, Kerosene


Apprenticeship Vacancies – Accounts

Our accounts team are looking to add another essential character to their team. As we progress this role is becoming more and more essential to our business.

We need a hard working, reliable individual who is willing to learn. No experience required.

If you are interested in joining our team please contact…

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Published Date:12th October 2015
Category: General


Emergency Fuel Deliveries from Compass Fuels

We know how frustrating it can be when you finally find a fuel company at the right price, only to find out that they can’t deliver to you in time

With Compass Fuels, you don’t need to worry about that at all because we deliver up and down the UK…

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Published Date:28th September 2015
Category: Emergency Fuel Deliveries


Things to Look Out For When Choosing Your Red Diesel Company

If you’re planning a major Red Diesel purchase, then think carefully about the company that you are purchasing from.

Some companies will go the extra mile to meet your requirements and others will just provide you with a standard service.  This is something we pride ourselves…

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Published Date:28th September 2015
Category: Red Diesel


Which Vehicles Use The Most Red Diesel?

If you’re thinking about investing in some red diesel then you certainly have a lot to think about. You should know however that some pieces of equipment use up more red diesel when compared to others and this is something that you need to be…

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Published Date:18th September 2015
Category: Red Diesel


Saving Money by Planning Out Your Red Diesel Consumption

If you want to save money every time you invest in red diesel then there are a couple of ways that you can do this.

After all, why would you spend money when you don’t need to and why would you consume more fuel when…

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Published Date:17th September 2015
Category: Red Diesel


Customer Service Is King – Speak To A Real Human Being!

If you want to speak to a quality company that you know you can trust, then you have already made the right decision by choosing Compass Fuel Oils as your provider!

Quality Fuel Provider

We know that when you need to buy fuel for your company, equipment or vehicles, you need…

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Published Date:15th September 2015
Category: General