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Lubricant storage and handling

lubricants and grease

Machinery, particularly plant and agricultural machinery, will often rely on a range of lubricants to keep working at optimal performance and efficiency. But storing these lubricant effectively, and preventing cross contamination is essential, if you want to prevent mechanical breakdowns, and keep your machinery in great condition. So what do you need to know about […]

Paraffin and kerosene: what’s the difference?

C1 Paraffin

When you’re looking for a heating oil for your property, two different options you probably come across quite frequently are paraffin and kerosene. But how can you choose between these two options? And what are the differences between the two heating oils? Well, here at Compass Fuel Oils, we are the UK’s leading provider of […]

Advantages of switching to biodegradable hydraulic oils

lubricants and grease

Hydraulic oils are non-compressed fuels that allow power to transfer from one side of the equipment to the other. Generally, a force from a piston or cylinder will be applied at one side, which pushes this hydraulic oil or fluid through the system, exerting a force on the other side, resulting in movement or action. […]

Why is fuel management so important for red diesel?

As one of the most widely used fuel types, red diesel is essential for agricultural and plant machinery, as well as industrial activities and even fueling back up generators. And for any company, business or individual that relies on red diesel, fuel management should be an essential consideration. But why is fuel management so important […]