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Help tackle climate change head-on by letting Compass Fuels switch your business to HVO, and instantly reduce your net CO2 greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90%.

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Benefits of HVO Fuel

Up to 90% reduction in net CO2 greenhouse emissions: significantly better for the environment  than regular diesel or bio diesel 

Renewable, sustainable and 100% biodegradable: synthesised from waste fats and vegetables

Drop-in replacement for regular diesel & gas oil: meets EN15940 standard for paraffinic fuels and Fuel Quality Directive 2009/30/EC Annex II. A wide range of OEM approvals means it can often be used without needing engine and machinery modification

Excellent cold-weather performance: higher cetane number (up to 90) and low cloud point provides better starting performance, clean combustion and less chance of waxing in extreme temperatures

High flash point: improved safety, storage and handling compared to regular diesel

Reduced need for regular testing: impurities are removed during the production process, eliminating the key factors for fuel degradation and increasing shelf life to around 10 years. 

Fueling positive changes

HVO also known as Renewable Diesel, is fossil-free paraffinic diesel fuel that can be used as a direct replacement for mineral diesel with up to 90% lower net CO2 emissions.

Our HVO is derived from 100% certified waste materials and is produced from traceable feedstocks.  The product is manufactuered by suppliers who are approved and regulated by the ZEMO Partnership program, who operate the Renewable Fuels Assurance Scheme (RFAS) meaning the GHG emission savings data is both tracable and credible.

Compass Fuels has invested in new depot infrastructure to allow us to offer the same excellent service that our customers are used to, including emergency same-day and next-day deliveries.

If you would like to know more about our HVO product we have data sheets available to download below, or call our team today on 0330 128 9838 and start reducing your CO2 greenhouse gas emissions right away.

For more information on HVO fuel, visit our HVO Fuel FAQ page where we delve into HVO a bit more.

HVO Fuel vs Fame bio diesel

The comparison between HVO and FAME biodiesel is like a heavyweight boxing match in the world of sustainable fuels. In one corner, we have HVO (Hydro Vegetable Oil), the clean-cut champion of sustainability, boasting lower emissions and compatibility with all diesel engines. 

In the other corner, we have FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Ester) biodiesel – a more traditional contender with its own set of merits but also some significant drawbacks such as susceptibility to cold weather.  

When it comes to choosing between these two titans for your fuel needs, remember this: HVO may be pricier than FAME biodiesel but offers superior performance and environmental benefits.  

HVO fuel benefits

Learn more about the operational and environmental benefits of switching to HVO fuel.

Visit our dedicated page to HVO benefits

Debunking the myths to hvo

Given its novelty in the UK, several misconceptions linger and we tackle every single one with the truth

Debunking the myths to hvo

Fuel Manufacturer Approvals

Heavy Duty Road Vehicles

Non-road Vehicles

Passenger Cars

To check that your model of heavy-duty road vehicle, passenger car or non-road vehicle can use HVO, please check your handbook or contact the manufacturer.

How does HVO fuel compare to other fuels?

Unlike your regular diesel or petrol, HVO doesn’t just talk about being green; it also walks the walk too. See our table comparing Diesel to HVO Fuel.

The table compares the different characteristics of HVO fuel, FAME, and regular diesel. The advantages of HVO fuel speak for themselves.

HVO Prices and Quantities

With 20+ years’ experience as fuel oil suppliers and the buying power we have accumulated, Compass is able to secure HVO prices at the best rates available to you.

We can offer you anything from a 205 litre barrel up to 36,000 litres on an articulated tanker and our fleet includes the ever popular “baby tanker”. If space really is an issue, we also have the ability to pump over barrels of fuel oil from a van, meaning we can reach even the most remote and difficult access jobs going! 

5 Steps in Switching to HVO Fuel 

Switching to HVO is easy and isn’t complicated but our team of fuel experts will ensure a smooth transition:

Step 1: Call our office or fill in the quote form on our website

Step 2: We’ll discuss your requirements and perform a free site survey

Step 3: We’ll uplift your old fuel and recycle it responsibly (we’ll even provide payment)

Step 4: Our tank cleaning and fuel testing will future-proof your tank(s) and pipework

Step 5: Enjoy a smooth transition

Specification & Safety Data Sheets

Download the specification and data sheets below


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