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Nationwide delivery of AdBlue for diesel engines

AdBlue® is a diesel fuel additive that has been introduced to help eliminate the harmful emissions released by heavy vehicles used daily on our roads.

The use of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) in modern diesel vehicles has become a requirement in order to help achieve the UK Government’s net-zero carbon-reduction target by 2050.

It’s actually a legal requirement if you drive a modern heavy goods vehicle to limit the number of harmful exhaust emissions being emitted and as so, the use of AdBlue to achieve this is becoming more common in modern diesel-fueled cars.

As a licensed supplier of VDA-approved AdBlue, Compass Fuel Oils offers competitive pricing and can supply any quantity from 10L to 36,000 Litres. Choose Compass Fuel Oils for a trusted source of AdBlue.

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Is Adblue available for purchase? Can Compass Fuel Oil provide commercial AdBlue?

Compass Fuel Oils provides AdBlue diesel engine fluid (DEF) for various commercial uses throughout the UK.

We offer delivery of bulk AdBlue quantities tailored to your fleet’s needs, along with a diverse selection of tanks for safe storage and handling of AdBlue.

Thanks to our large fleet of tanker trucks, our delivery quantities can meet your exact needs, ranging from 10-litre deliveries to 5,000-litres drops. Speak to our team today to discuss your AdBlue requirements.

Does Compass Fuels Oil AdBlue meet ISO 22241?

Certainly, all the AdBlue we provide complies with ISO 22241 specifications. Our range of fuels, oils, lubricants, and additives delivered throughout the UK also adhere to the necessary specifications, demonstrating our commitment to compliance and quality as a supplier when you choose Compass Fuel Oils.

Call 0330 128 9838 now for today’s price and fast UK delivery. 

Who Uses AdBlue®?

  • Hauliers / Transport companies.
  • Van / Car rental companies.
  • Bus & Coach companies.
  • Some car manufacturers are now starting to introduce AdBlue on passenger vehicles.

How much AdBlue® that can be delivered?

  • 2000+ Litre bulk tanker deliveries
  • 1000 Litre Plastic IBC’s – Gravity feed or pump fed systems available.
  • 205 Litre Plastic Drums

What is AdBlue®?

AdBlue® is a fluid required by many new diesel trucks and buses in Europe to destroy harmful nitrogen in the exhaust gases. All commercial vehicles which include trucks, buses and industrial vehicles, above 7.5 tonnes and are manufactured after October 2006 are fitted with a new SCR technology (Selective Catalytic Reduction) which requires the use of AdBlue® where it converts toxic nitrogen oxide in harmless nitrogen and water vapour. 

Call 0330 128 9838 now for today’s price and fast UK delivery. 

Call 0330 128 9838 now for today’s price and fast UK delivery. 

What is the purpose of AdBlue®? 

Mixing AdBlue with diesel-engine exhaust fumes significantly reduces the release of mono-nitrogen oxide from engines.

Reducing Nox emissions is essential as it brings diesel-engine vehicles in line with Euro 6 emissions regulations, which called for a 67% drop in nitrogen oxides (NOx) released in the exhaust emissions of diesel cars. 


How long does AdBlue last?

The rate of consumption for AdBlue is a ratio of approximately 1:20 of the rate of diesel fuel usage on standard Euro IV, Euro V and Euro VI trucks, so its relatively low AdBlue solution is sprayed into the exhaust stream of modern diesel engines as a post-combustion process. 

For passenger cars, 1.5 litres of AdBlue will be used every 620 miles.  

What happens if you run out of AdBlue®? 

In most cases, before you run out, a warning light will go off on your dashboard to let you know you are low on diesel engine fluid.

Be warned, once this runs out, vehicles will not start if the AdBlue tank is empty, as the emissions that would be release from the engine would be too high. 

Call 0330 128 9838 now for today’s price and fast UK delivery. 

What emission reductions are there from using AdBlue? 

When DEF is utilised, the automobile’s exhaust discharges water vapor, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide. Nitrous oxides (NOx), which are detrimental to the environment, are typically emitted from vehicle exhaust. However, the AdBlue solution breaks down NOx emissions through SCR, resulting in significantly cleaner and safer emission levels.

To decrease pollutant levels throughout Europe, the utilization of SCR technology has become mandatory in the production of heavy goods vehicles (HGVs).

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AdBlue pricing for bulk deliveries is influenced by various factors such as the quantity requested and the delivery destination. Nevertheless, we offer highly competitive AdBlue quotes, and we strive to provide you with the most favourable price for your diesel engine fluid.

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Alison DickinsonAlison Dickinson
14:15 14 Dec 23
Absolutely amazing company to buy from, customer service is impeccable can't beat them for price. Staff super friendly and helpful.
Nicholas WhittleNicholas Whittle
10:41 14 Dec 23
I have been a loyal customer of Compass Fuels for the past five years, and they are an incredibly friendly and customer-focused company. Olly and his brother, who are usually responsible for delivering the oil, are a pleasure to deal with. They are always friendly, and I enjoy chatting with them whenever they come to deliver the oil. Compass Fuels is a genuine company with an excellent people culture, and they deserve all the success they have achieved. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a reliable and trustworthy fuel supplier.
Natalie MclaughlinNatalie Mclaughlin
21:48 13 Dec 23
Excellent service from olly. Thank you.
philip brookphilip brook
09:12 12 Dec 23
Excellent delivery , had a txt the night before and Olly was helpful and friendly
Paul Howe (Adboards)Paul Howe (Adboards)
14:21 04 Dec 23
Great service by Olly
William WhitlaWilliam Whitla
17:19 28 Nov 23
Jimmy was a star, great help
sam poultonsam poulton
16:51 28 Nov 23
Amazing service provided today by Jimmy. Would 100% recommend and use again.
Philip DohertyPhilip Doherty
10:14 28 Nov 23
Quality service from Jim, he's the man to call especially when you are in a bind.
Gary NobleGary Noble
10:13 28 Nov 23
Great service, big thanks to jimmy was extremely helpful
Stuart KerrStuart Kerr
13:54 17 Oct 23
The new boiler ran out of fuel in the middle of the night and this caused several issue's as you can imagine. A quick panicked phone call first thing and the reply was perfect, "don't worry, we'll get some out to you". Less than 1 hour later he was onsite with fuel. excellent service and really helped us out, can't thank them enough.
Personalised PopPersonalised Pop
10:52 12 Oct 23
Best out there!! I’ve run out a few times and they never let me down. I now have a sensor and so they’ll auto deliver. Brilliant team!
anthony rimmeranthony rimmer
04:36 12 Oct 23
Hats off to Nick and the team for tremendous customer service and ensuring immediate refuelling when required. To be fair they never fail to deliver......... right across the board.
Josh briggsJosh briggs
08:59 29 Sep 23
Very nice staff, great service, couldn’t fault the company at all !
Sarah withingtonSarah withington
20:53 11 Jan 23
Ordered via boilerjuice on standard 2 week delivery received a text message 24 hours before oil was delivered to prep for delivery, delivered only 3 days after Order fantastic! I live in very rural location driver telephoned for directions was polite and friendly, filled tank super quick and left. No issues at all would definitely recommend

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