Case Study: : Home Heating Oil in Scotland

Some of our valued customers have recently inquired about us supplying them with home heating oil in Scotland. Since we supply other fuels in the Scottish postcodes, our customers are aware of our impeccable service and incredible prices, and so the request for home heating oil in these same postcodes has come from our loyal Scottish customers. So, that’s exactly what we did!

We started with one customer in particular, Mr. Brown from Dunblane, and we managed to save him a whole £50 off for 1000ltrs of home heating oil compared to his previous supplier, a huge saving of 5ppl (pence per litre)!

So this got us thinking, could we bring these savings to more customers across Scotland? This is vital, especially in today’s economic climate with soaring energy bills and the worsening cost of living crisis. So, after negotiating with a few of our very close delivery partners in Scotland, we are now able to offer full coverage of Scotland at incredibly competitive rates! We can now help even more people save money on their energy bills.

Take a look at this testimonial below, emailed directly to us from one of our very satisfied clients!

“I really thank you also for the truly wonderful service that both Chris and yourself provided me over the last few days.

In gratitude, and to support the company, I have written a review. I tried to upload it to Trustpilot, but the site asked me to sign up for an account, and / or give my private details… email / phone number etc… which I don’t like to do.

So, I thought the next best thing, was (as Chris suggested some time back) to send it through…

So here below sending it for your attention. Here below is my review. I would be glad if you could upload it to Trustpilot for me… with all of the original text and spelling, and let Chris know his name is in THEATRE LIGHTS!”


It seems many of us are navigating demanding times, with the present oil-price crisis…and all other things.

What better time then, to enjoy the support of a good, old, salt-of-the-earth family fuel business, which prides itself on offering a rare, more personalised service, centred around satisfying true customer needs.

For this household, it was a first experience in using Compass Fuels in Preston, and I can honestly say, I simply could not have hoped for a more superb experience.

Even under pressured circumstance, Chris and the company went completely out of their way to ensure all needs here were smoothly covered at a critical time… and all of it done with kindness and good cheer.

Thank you so much Chris, Sally, Henry, Chloe, and the rest of the Team…

You Were Complete Stars, and so very much appreciated.”

JM in Lancashire