Different Types of Home Space Heaters


A ceramic home space heater utilises metal coils attached to ceramic plating. Channeling electricity through these coils causes the ceramic plate to heat up and start radiating heat into the room. Ceramic heaters tend to be compact and easy to position, but can sometimes struggle to heat larger spaces. They can be fitted with a fan to help them spread the heat. One bonus of ceramic heaters is that the ceramic takes a while to cool down, meaning it will keep your space warm for a while after you switch it off.


Fan space heaters are very similar to ceramic space heaters, but they take the heat directly from the metal coils by using a fan to blow air through them. This cuts out the need for the ceramic plating and can result in more efficient heating when switched on, but at a loss of the gradual cooling.


Infrared heaters have a unique method of heating which doesn’t rely on heating metal coils at al. Infrared heating work by emitting electromagnetic waves which heat up the objects in the room, rather than the air around them. Infrared heaters can still come with fans installed to speed up the spread of heat.

Kerosene/Paraffin Home Heater

Fuel oil home heaters burn kerosene fuel or paraffin wax in order to generate heat. These heaters can be used to heat large spaces but should always be used in well ventilated areas. Premium kerosene/premium paraffin can be used to reduce any emissions for a cleaner burn! These also have the benefit of not requiring electricity to run, making them incredibly portable and powercut-resistant!

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