An Introduction to Kerosene Heating Oil

If you’ve just moved into a new home and found it uses oil-fired heating it can all be a little daunting at first.

With over 25+ years of experience in supplying heating oil to customers all over the UK, you can consider it one less thing to worry about when you use Compass Fuels.

Which type of oil do I need?

These days we find that 99% of all domestic dwellings are fitted with 28 second kerosene home heating oil boilers.
Some properties still run on 35 second Red Diesel / Gas Oil so please try and check your own boiler to double check – there should be a sticker on the boiler indicating which type it is configured to run on.

How much do I need? 500 litres, 1000 litres, 200 gallons?

Check your fuel tank to see what it’s total volume is.  If there’s no sticker on it then the model number is generally a good hint as to it’s size (i.e. Titan 1200, Harlequin HQ1000, Deso-2200).

If you can’t find any stickers, simply measure the tank to calculate an approximate volume.

2300 litres = approx. 500 gallons.
1000 litres = approx. 220 gallons.
500 litres = approx. 110 gallons.

Oil usage varies on many different factors (property size, insulation, time spent at home etc.) so it’s always hard to gauge how long a packet of fuel will last you, however, we find 1000 litres will last most people 2-3 months during Winter months.

How does oil pricing work?

Heating oil has a reduced VAT rate of only 5% when ordering under 2300 litres.
2300 litres and above is charged at the standard 20% VAT rate unless the customer signs a simple VAT exemption form – ask a member of staff for a copy if required.

We can either quote you a pence per litre price i.e. 55p per litre plus 5% VAT for 1000 litres or if you prefer a grand total just ask us for that instead i.e. £577.50 including 5% VAT.

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Bulk buy savings?

It’s much more cost-effective for us to deliver 2000 litres of oil compared to 500 litres.
You will always get a better price on larger loads compared to 500 litre drops.

Okay I’m ready to order, how do I proceed?

Simply pick up the phone and speak to one of our friendly advisers.
We will take down some details such as your name, address and contact telephone number for the driver when trying to locate the property or tank.

We always take payment up front with domestic customers, either by debit card, credit card or BACS.  If you’re happy with our service and want to order with us again, we do offer Direct Debit to our regular customers.

Additionally, for a small charge we can also install a fuel tank sensor / monitor so you can forget about the whole ordering process completely, and rest safe in the knowledge that we will check your fuel level weekly and notify you when you’re due for a top-up.

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