Why is kerosene a good choice for domestic fuel?

Choosing the right home heating oil can be a challenge, with so many options available. Kerosene is a popular fuel option in the UK, particularly for households that rely on oil heating systems. But why is kerosene a good choice for domestic fuel? And why should you opt for kerosene for home heating?

So, why is kerosene a good choice for domestic fuel?

There are a number of reasons why kerosene is a good option for domestic properties and these include:

  • Cost-effectiveness- When compared to other energy sources like gas and electricity, kerosene is a more affordable fuel. Kerosene can be used in heating systems that are more energy-efficient than electric heating systems and is less expensive than electricity, both of which can help cut down on household energy costs.
  • Efficiency- Kerosene heating systems are highly efficient, with modern systems boasting efficiency rates of up to 95%. This means that almost all of the energy from the fuel is converted into heat, reducing waste and increasing the effectiveness of the heating system.
  • Availability- Kerosene is widely available in the UK, with many suppliers offering regular deliveries to homes and businesses. This makes it a convenient fuel choice for those living in rural areas where other sources of energy may not be readily available. Here at Compass Fuel Oils we offer a fast and efficient kerosene delivery service for all UK mainland locations. Why not get in touch to find out more?
  • Reliability- Kerosene is a dependable and reliable fuel source since it has a long shelf life and requires little maintenance in heating systems. As a result, families can be sure that they will always have a steady source of heat.
  • Safety- Kerosene is a safe fuel to use, with a low risk of explosions or fires. Modern heating systems have built-in safety features that prevent any accidents from occurring, making it a safe option for households.
  • Environmentally friendly- While kerosene is a fossil fuel, but contemporary heating systems are built to be more eco-friendly, emitting less pollutants than previous ones. Additionally, a lot of vendors provide eco-friendly kerosene, which is made from renewable resources and helps lessen the carbon footprint of households.
  • Flexibility- Kerosene can be used in a variety of heating systems, including boilers and furnaces. This flexibility means that households can choose a heating system that suits their individual needs, and can easily switch between different systems if necessary.
  • Long-lasting- Kerosene heating systems can last for many years with proper maintenance, making them a good investment for households. Additionally, the fuel itself has a long shelf life, meaning that households can stock up on kerosene in advance and not have to worry about running out of fuel during the winter months.

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