Why Is It Vital To Apply Lubricants and Greases?

Here at Compass Fuels we are well known for supplying and delivering high-quality fuel oil products like paraffin, red diesel, and premium kerosene. But we also offer a selection of lubricants and greases suitable for a wide range of applications, from mineral-based engine oil to automatic transmission fluids and heat transfer oils.

Choosing the right lubricant is vital for the efficiency and longevity of your vehicles or machinery! This is due to a number of reasons:

Protects From Wear and Damage

Moving machine parts often operate as incredibly high speeds, which in turn generates high temperatures. Under these conditions, gradual wear and tear is a normal part of the machine’s operation. However, using the right lubricant can help protect these moving parts from excessive wear and damage from the pressures and temperatures at play.

Prevents Erosion

Applying lubricant or grease to the exterior parts of your machinery helps to protect its surfaces from erosion, oxidisation, and rust. This in turn helps to reduce and prevent corrosion and damage that occurs when oxidation builds up.

Boosts Longevity and Reduces Maintenance

Reducing erosion and protecting from gradual wear will significantly lessen the need for maintenance on your machinery, and should prevent any need for sudden or emergency repairs. This in turn brings down running and maintenance costs, helping your business to thrive!

Keeping your machinery well-lubricated will keep your business running like a well-oiled machine! Not only is choosing the right lubricant or grease vital, but so is applying it in the correct amounts. Take care not to over or under lubricate, as this can cause issues with your equipment.

Under Lubricated

Under lubricated machinery will begin to slow down its operating processes as friction builds up between moving parts. This will result in less efficient production processes, higher operating costs, and more rapidly deteriorating parts!

Over Lubricated

Believe it or not, over lubricating your machine parts can also cause damage! Applying too much lubrication can cause an excessively low coefficient of friction, which means moving parts will rotate too quickly, causing heat to build up in the machine. Heat building up can cause overheating and erosion, and will reduce your operational efficiency.