Why is fuel management so important for red diesel?

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As one of the most widely used fuel types, red diesel is essential for agricultural and plant machinery, as well as industrial activities and even fueling back up generators. And for any company, business or individual that relies on red diesel, fuel management should be an essential consideration. But why is fuel management so important for red diesel? And how can you work with us, here at Compass Fuel Oils, to maintain fuel levels and standards? Well, as leading industry experts, we know that fuel management can be make or break for many businesses, and that’s why we offer bespoke fuel management strategies designed to suit you and your requirements.

Firstly, what is red diesel?

Red diesel is a type of fuel that is used mainly for off road vehicles and heavy machinery like agricultural machinery and plant machinery. Although it has the same chemical structure as white diesel, red diesel has 40% less fuel duty, to reduce fuel costs in industry and agriculture. As a result, red diesel is not to be used on public roads, and it is dyed red, so that roadside tests can be carried out to enforce regulations about this.

What is fuel management?

Fuel management is all about measuring the amount of fuel you need to buy in, to keep costs down. But also measuring and monitoring the amount of fuel you are using on a regular basis, so that you don’t run out completely. This is something most companies and businesses take on board for all types of fuel. So, why is fuel management so important for red diesel?

The importance of fuel management for red diesel

So, why is it so important to measure and manage the consumption of your red diesel? Well, running out of red diesel can be incredibly damaging to your business, with many serious, negative results, including:

Loss of work- if all of your vehicles and machinery require red diesel to run, you may end up shutting up work until your fuel crisis is resolved.
Loss of profits- if you are forced to stop working due to a lack of fuel, you can be sure that this will eat into your profits, reducing earnings.
Potential staff dangers- if only some of your plant equipment runs out of fuel, while the rest of the equipment is operating as normal, this could seriously put your team at risk of injury or worse.

Fuel management here at Compass Fuels

We will tailor a fuel management plan with you, to ensure that you receive the necessary top up of fuel oil whenever you need it, before you run out. This can help prevent the risks, and keep your business functioning all year round. You can also be sure of the best fuel prices, and fast delivery across the mainland UK. You can also rest assured that you will receive the right type of red diesel, at the right time of year.

For more information or advice, get in touch with the team today, here at Compass Fuels.