What kind of problems can cheap AdBlue cause?

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If you operate a fleet of commercial vehicles, the chances are, you will need AdBlue to run the majority of these. But this is an additional cost that can eat into any profits, and prevent your business from growing and expanding. So it’s no surprise that many fleet managers are looking for, and purchasing, cheap alternatives to the real deal. But is this a good idea? And what kind of problems can cheap AdBlue cause? Well, here at Compass Fuels, we are leading fuel oil experts, supplying and delivering a variety of gas oils and red diesel across the UK. This includes AdBlue, and this is our guide to why you should avoid purchasing cheap AdBlue, at all costs.

What is AdBlue?

So, first of all, what is AdBlue, and what does it do? Well, AdBlue is diesel exhaust fluid that starts a chemical reaction, removing harmful nitrogen oxides from your exhaust fumes, so that your diesel vehicle does not cause as much pollution. This has become a necessary addition since the latest emissions regulations, referred to as Euro 6, came into force in 2016.

Manufacturing cheap AdBlue

Because of the financial cost of AdBlue, many unscrupulous fluid blenders have entered the market, creating cheap reproduction of this exhaust fluid, and selling it as the genuine, branded product. So, as a fleet owner, why should you avoid buying cheap AdBlue?

What kind of problems can cheap AdBlue cause?

Unfortunately, while cheap AdBlue might be cheaper to buy initially, it can cause more costly problems in the future. These include:

Invalidating your warranty- if your vehicle has a warranty, and anything goes wrong, as soon as the manufacturer notes that you have applied an unlicensed product, they will void the warranty. This means that you will have a huge repair bill, and your company will lose money.

Breaching legislation- with any cheap reproduction, you cannot know if the product contains the right ingredients to remove enough of the emissions from your exhaust gases. This means you could be in breach of emissions legislation, and this can result in fines, and loss of company reputation.

Damage to your catalytic converter- again, without knowing the chemicals used in the cheap AdBlue, you cannot be sure that the product will not damage your vehicle, or even your whole fleet. The most common issue seen is severe damage to the catalytic converter, and this can be incredibly costly to repair or replace. Pair this with the loss of warranty from using an unlicensed product, and any repair bill will take chunks out of your company finances.

It’s also important to note the when you buy and use AdBlue for your fleet, you aren’t just risking one vehicle, you are risking them all. And any small issue that needs repairing on one vehicle, could result in the loss of warranty for the whole fleet. This means that buying and using cheap AdBlue is far from cheap in the long run.

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