What is the Cheapest Type of Home Space Heater?


Ceramic space heaters channel electricity through metal coils in order to heat them up, which in turn heats up the ceramic plating surrounding them, radiating the heat into the room. Ceramic heaters have an average efficiency, and how you use it will determine its value for money. The ceramic plating takes a while to cool down after being heated, so taking advantage of this by powering it intermittently or switching it off early can definitely help bring down costs.


Halogen heaters are quick, cheap, and efficient, but only if you’re looking to heat a small space or a specific area. Halogen heaters use a halogen element inside large lamps or light bulbs inside, often with a silver or foil-like backing to reflect the heat and light in the same direction. Halogen heaters tend to produce more heat per watt than most other electric heaters, making them cheaper to run. But they don’t retain heat like ceramic heaters do, and struggle to heat larger spaces.


Infrared heaters emit electromagnetic waves in order to heat up the objects in the room, rather than heating up the air in the room as other heaters do. This method comes with both advantages and disadvantages, as they are by far the cheapest electrical heater to run, but often come with the largest up front price tag! They can also only radiate heat to objects in a direct line of sight, so may struggle with more awkwardly shaped spaces, or rooms with lots of furniture.

Kerosene/Paraffin Home Heater

Fuel oil home heaters like kerosene and paraffin heaters burn fuel to directly generate heat, bypassing the need for electricity altogether. Fuel heaters like this are much cheaper to run than any of the electric heating options available on the market. If your heater is running at 90% efficiency, then on average electricity is nearly four times more expensive per kilowatt hour than kerosene. With the current cost of energy crisis, this isn’t likely to change any time soon.

The cheapest form of portable home space heating available today is fuel burning heaters burning fuels like kerosene or premium paraffin. These heaters even benefit from being power cut proof, meaning you’ll never be left without a source of heat in your home. For more information about how kerosene can help you cut your energy bills, get in touch with a member of our expert team today.