What Is Premium Kerosene?

Kerosene is a versatile fuel, used by human societies for hundreds of years! The earliest written description of the kerosene distillation process dates back to Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi, an Ancient Persian scholar and scientist who lives in the 9th and 10th centuries in the Common Era. Kerosene remains one of the most popular fuels around the world today, and globally we use 1.2 million barrels every single day, that’s 246 million litres! But most people do not know that there is more than one type of kerosene. Kerosene heating oil is the more common type, also known as C2 kerosene or 28 second fuel. But another type, known as C1 or premium kerosene, is also available for a wide range of applications.

Premium C1 kerosene, also known as premium paraffin or Esso Blue, burns cleaner than C2 kerosene, spreading fewer pollutants in the air and producing a much cleaner flame. The production process for premium kerosene is identical to C2 kerosene with the exception of a final additive that is usually added on delivery. This additive can be ordered individually and added to any standard kerosene in order to create premium kerosene.

Should You Switch To Premium Kerosene?

Switching to premium kerosene will raise your fuel costs slightly, but the returns are fantastic! Upgrading your kerosene to premium comes with a host of benefits, take a look below:

  • Fuel burns cleaner and more efficiently

The additive added into kerosene in order to make it premium helps keep the fuel in its optimal condition for moving through appliances, reducing build-up and maximising the longevity of your machines.


  • Fuel lasts longer

The additive in premium kerosene prevents build-ups of fuel in your appliances, keeping them running efficiently and eliminating fuel waste. This means your usage will drop, making your fuel deliveries last longer.


  • Reduces risk of repairs

Your fuel isn’t the only thing that’ll gain longevity from upgrading to premium kerosene, your appliances will too! Without the build-up of sludge or grime inside your boiler or machinery, you’re far less likely to be stuck with a broken-down appliance and a sudden repair bill.


  • No modifications required

Upgrading to premium kerosene requires to upgrades or modifications to your existing boiler, burner, or any other appliances you use kerosene to fuel!