Three Ways To Check Your Home Heating Oil Levels

As the cold months are now upon us, it is important to stay warm this winter to avoid health issues, illnesses, and damage to your home.

In this article, we are going to be giving you some trustworthy advice on how to check your home heating oil levels to avoid any unnecessary issues.

With the infamous supply and demand situation across the globe, your concerns are completely understandable. Make sure to call your supplier as soon as you think the oil is running low to avoid running out completely and also avoid any damage no oil can do to your boiler.

You can check the levels of your home heating oil in these three following ways:

  1. Digital monitoring system

A digital monitoring system works by remotely monitoring the fuel levels and then will transfer the results to a second device that will be located in your home. There are a number of different monitors that are available to purchase that will alert you when issues are oncoming.

  1. Sight gauge

The majority of fuel storage tanks will come fitted with a clear sight gauge tube which can be spotted on the side. The sight gauge can also be referred to as a water gauge. This method isn’t always accurate due to the oil staining the clear material, so it becomes more difficult to accurately measure.

  1. Dipstick

Using a dipstick is a trusted and traditional method of measuring the oil content within your fuel tank. This method will work best with a measuring stick that is straight to ensure you get an accurate measurement. Then dip the stick into the tank and the results will show appear. As new devices are becoming available, this method is becoming a less-likely option but it’s always reliable as a backup option.

These are just three of a few different ways you can check the levels of your heating oil tank. It is a good idea to get into a regime of checking the oil levels to avoid any issues.

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