The Red Diesel Law

In April 2022, the Red Diesel Law was brought to life. This law and legislation can come across as confusing.

Always make sure you are educated on where it legal to use red diesel and which vehicles it is legal to use it in.

We are going to discuss this law to hopefully break it down and make it a little easier to understand.

Why is red diesel illegal?

Red Diesel is now illegal because it’s got a lower fuel duty applied to it. However, it is not designated to be used on public roads. It is now considered tax evasion to use red diesel.

What vehicles can I use red diesel for?

  • Plant
  • Industrial Heating
  • Agriculture
  • Forestry
  • Horticulture
  • Rail transport

Even though red diesel can be used in these vehicles, the driver must make sure that they still obey laws around the use of red diesel on public highways.

Can I switch between white and red diesel through using two separate fuel tanks?

This law states it’s illegal to have more than one fuel tank on a vehicle that both connects to the engine and powers the vehicle.

It also states that all fuels must be stored separately in different tanks with an opening for a pipe.

The tanks should be marked clearly and the red diesel one must be noted saying it cannot be used on public roads.

What are the penalties if I break this law?

Guidance was given out to help current red diesel users. They were advised to use their red diesel stock by April 2022 and then move onto either white diesel or a different fuel source, an example being HVO fuel by the date given.

If you are caught using red diesel, then perpetrators will be prosecuted and face major fines and could even face jail time (if guilty).

If you’re looking for a legal, safe, and reliable service to distribute red diesel to your company, then please get in touch today!