The Most Common Uses For Kerosene

Kerosene is an incredible fuel with a long history. Humans have used kerosene for hundreds of years, and the first written account of its production dates back to a famous poet and scholar, Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi, who lived in Ancient Persia in the 9th and 10th centuries. The world uses 1.2 million barrels of kerosene every day, amounting to 54 million gallons, or 246 million litres. But what are we using it for? Kerosene is amazingly versatile, and applicable to a range of uses. Check out a few of the most common uses below.

Jet Fuel

Kerosene has been adopted for use in jet engines and as rocket fuel in recent years. Kerosene-based jet fuel has a number of benefits compared to other options. For example, kerosene has an incredibly low freezing point of -47oc, making it perfect for use in aircraft, which operate in sub-zero temperatures. Kerosene also has a low viscosity, meaning it won’t thicken and clog up the engine, and it is incredibly flammable but with a low vapour level, creating the perfect balance of power generated and low explosion risk.

Heating Oil

Large or industrial heaters which use kerosene are increasingly rare, but domestic kerosene heaters are still quite commonplace, especially in areas where blackouts or intense weather phenomena are common. Kerosene heaters require no electricity to run and can be very efficient heaters, though some grades of kerosene can produce more harmful fumes in the home than other, cleaner grades.

Entertainment Shows

Most people wouldn’t guess this as one of the major uses of kerosene, but kerosene is very popular in the entertainment industry. For many of the reasons listed above; the low viscosity, the lack of flammable vapour produced, and its high flammability with low explosiveness; kerosene is often used in fire-based entertainment shows. Tools like fire poi (wick balls on short chains that can be set alight and swung through the air), fire batons, and fire juggling clubs are all soaked in kerosene to provide those incredible fire shows. Other performances like fire breathing also use kerosene.

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