What are summer and winter red diesel fuel grades?

Compass Fuel Oils tanker out delivering kerosene oil

With winter just around the corner, now is a good time to consider the grade of red diesel you are using, and to consider stocking up on winter red diesel. But most red diesel users aren’t aware of the difference between summer and winter red diesel fuel grades. Or the dangers that can occur when using summer grade red diesel in the winter. Here at Compass Fuel Oils, we are leading red diesel providers. We work with businesses and industries across the UK, with reliable, high quality delivery options. So, for all your fuel needs, you can count on us. As a result, we have produced this guide to the difference between summer and winter red diesel fuel grades.

How do summer and winter red diesel fuel grades differ?

So, how do these two types of red diesel different from each other? Well, simply put, while winter red diesel fuel can be used safely all year round (for an increased price), summer fuel is only certified for use during the summer months. This is because it has a limited resistance to the cold weather. In fact, temperatures any lower than -4 degrees celsius will be too low for summer grade red diesel.

What are the dangers of using summer red diesel in winter?

So, if you’re expecting a mild winter, without plummeting temperatures, should you just stick to the summer fuel? Well, the short answer is no. There are a lot of risks and dangers associated with using summer red diesel in the winter. These include:

  • Failing equipment- when the temperatures reach below the specified -4 degrees, your equipment or machinery may not run at all. This is because the wax paraffins in the fuel will start to crystallize at this temperature point, and these, as well as condensation, form in the fuel tank blocking filters and pipes.
  • Additional costs- when the wax paraffins form flat large crystals, and your machinery wont start, you will be faced with a lot of additional costs. From loss of earnings, to repairs to fuel tanks and vehicle recovery, your company could be left out of pocket. And of course you will also need to order more red diesel, to keep the rest of your fleet moving.

Make sure you have the right red diesel all year round

The best way to prevent these risks is to be sure you have access to the right fuel all year round. Working with a team like us here at Compass Fuel Oils, you could have your red diesel reliably delivered whenever you need it. And we only send out the right type of fuel, at the right time, so you don’t need to worry about seasonal oil. We offer the best prices, and flexible delivery tailored to suit your needs. So why not get in touch today?