Signs of red diesel fuel contamination

Here at Compass Fuel Oils, we are leading red diesel providers. We work with businesses and industries across the UK, with reliable, high quality delivery options. So, for all your fuel needs, you can count on us. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about the common signs of red diesel fuel contamination.

What are the most common signs of red diesel fuel contamination?

There are a number of signs to look out for when it comes to your red diesel and potential fuel contamination within your storage tank. These signs include:

  • Fuel looks cloudy or dark
  • Vehicles and equipment are not performing

Visual clues that your red diesel is contaminated

If you are suspicious about the quality of your red diesel within the storage tank you can check initially for any visual clues. Red diesel that looks cloudy, lumpy, or dark is not in good condition. This could be caused by water entering the fuel tank, rust, or it could even be the result of temperatures too low for the red diesel to be stored in. Water within the fuel tank allows microbes to enter which can cause the fuel to become cloudy, while dark fuel may have asphaltenes forming, which can cause hard particles that clump and block filters. Either way, it may be possible to have this cleaned, or your red diesel may be unsalvageable.

Vehicles and equipment are not performing

One of the first signs that anything is wrong with your red diesel is when you notice a performance issue with your vehicle or machinery. At first you may think this is a problem with the machinery or vehicle itself, but if your red diesel has been contaminated, you may notice the issue across all of the equipment you use. Contaminated red diesel will not burn as it should, and can therefore cause a range of problems for vehicles including:

  • Blocked fuel filters
  • Struggling to start the engine
  • Erratic speed and dramatically reduced acceleration and RPM
  • Black, white or blue smoke- if the engine is working properly but you notice this, it could be a sign of contaminant in the fuel burning off.

How can red diesel contamination be prevented?

There are a number of ways to help prevent your red diesel from becoming contaminated. These include:

  • Using the right type of fuel tank- a good fuel tank is crucial for protecting your red diesel. This needs to keep out water, and any debris, and it needs to be free from rust and dirt itself.
  • Good fuel tank storage- its important to make sure that your red diesel fuel tank will not be stored anywhere that is too cold as this can cause paraffin crystals to be formed, which will prevent the smooth flow of oil, and smooth burning, leading to clogged filters and engine trouble.
  • Regularly checking the fuel tank- it is good practice to regularly check the fuel tank and the quality of the fuel because while this wont prevent contamination it will give you an early indication of a problem so that you can take action to prevent this from getting worse.

Working with a team like us here at Compass Fuel Oils, you could have your red diesel reliably delivered whenever you need it. And we only send out the right type of fuel, at the right time, so you don’t need to worry about seasonal oil. We offer the best prices, and flexible delivery tailored to suit your needs. So why not get in touch today?