Red Diesel 101

Red diesel is an incredibly common fuel in the UK, used for a wide variety of residential, commercial, and industrial purposes. Red diesel is also known by a number of different names and nicknames, including cherry juice, marine diesel, tractor diesel, generator diesel, and gas oil. It is also sometimes referred to as 35-second oil, referring to the amount of time it takes 50ml of the fuel to drip into a beaker. Other fuels are also named in this way to denote their viscosity, such as Kerosene which is also called 28-second oil.

Red Diesel vs White Diesel

So, what is red diesel? In the simplest terms, red diesel is white diesel. Red and white diesel are identical fuels, with the former’s “red” moniker coming from its status as a rebated fuel, allowing select industries to purchase it as a much lower tax rate. So both red diesel and white diesel are simply diesel fuel, with red dye added into red diesel to be able to visually identify it in an engine to prevent fraudulent purchases.

Who Is Allowed To Use Red Diesel?

As of the 1st of April 2022, the UK government have removed tax exemptions allowing access to rebated red diesel for several industries, which is essentially an industry-wide ban on the use of red diesel for many sectors. The use of red diesel for residential heating and energy is still permitted, but commercial use was banned. Similarly, construction firms, recycling plants, and owners of private sea craft were also banned from accessing the rebated fuel.

Many industries are still permitted to purchase red diesel at its reduced price and use it in their operations. All different forms of farming, such as land farming, aquatic farming, forestry, agriculture, and horticulture, all remain able to access red diesel. Though banned in private craft, red diesel in maritime settings is allowed in industrial or commercial uses, such as transportation and shipping. Owners of private vessels are still allowed to use red diesel to power a second on-board generator or to provide heat and light, but not for propulsion purposes.

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