Paraffin Heaters: The Alternative way of Heating This Winter

Sometimes, what was old, is new again, and that applies to portable heaters. Before central heating systems and natural gas or electric heat, there were kerosene heaters.

With the high cost of energy today, portable heaters are making a come back with improved technology, for both the heaters and the fuel.

What is a Paraffin Heater?

They are synonymous with kerosene heaters, and are used to heat a particular room or area of the house.  They may be portable units that can be moved to different rooms depending on the current need.  Paraffin heaters may also be permanently affixed and vented to the outside.

Newer models have safety features that monitor oxygen levels and will shut the heater off, if the oxygen level drops too low. Many are also designed to shut off if they are tipped over, to help prevent a fire.

Small children and animals should never be left alone in a room with a kerosene heater, due to the high operating temperature of the unit. Most heaters come with a safety grill but it will still be very hot to the touch.

Fuel for Paraffin Heaters

Paraffin liquid can be either standard heating oil or K-1 Premium Paraffin oil.  K-1 fuel is more efficient than regular kerosene since it burns at a higher temperature and reduces the amount of gases produced.  K-1 paraffin oil is typically more expensive than 28 second kerosene, due to the additional refining costs in reducing impurities that cause fumes and soot.
Compass Fuels stock both products, please ask us for specification sheets if you require further information on either product.

What about Fumes from Paraffin Heaters?

Modern laser heaters burn much more efficiently than their predecessors, reducing the amount of gases produced. K-1 paraffin liquid is recommended for use in these heaters to further reduce the production of gases such as carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, and are virtually odourless.

It is important to keep in mind, that even though these gases are being produced in smaller quantities, any portable heater needs to be properly vented to prevent the potential build up of toxic gases.

Modern kerosene heaters, for home use, start at around £150 and go up depending on size and accessories. Rather than paying to heat the entire house, it may make more sense to use a kerosene heater and only heat the the space being used.

Compass Fuels can supply both Premium Paraffin or 28 Second Kerosene in either 200 litre barrels, 1000 litre IBC’s or bulk tanker deliveries nationwide.

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