How to open 45 gallon steel drums

If you’re reading this page the likelihood is you’ve just taken delivery of a barrel of fuel oil (such as red diesel, kerosene, paraffin) or a lubricant and you’re stuck on how to open the 2″ screw cap.

By far the easiest method is to buy a drum wrench – a special tool designed solely for opening the various screw caps found on 45 gallon steel drums.

The only downside is these can be relatively expensive (approx £20-30) and it’s unlikely you’re local hardware store will stock them, which means waiting for them to arrive in the post.

What if you need to get access to the product inside the barrel today?

The most simple way of getting the lid off is to grab 2 large flat-bladed screwdrivers and use them to create a lever as shown in the picture below.

Simply turn the cap anti-clockwise to loosen it off, and then clockwise to tighten it back up.

Still struggling to get it open?

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