Kerosene Suppliers in the UK: How to Find One

Kerosene fuel is widely used in the UK by private consumers who need an affordable way to heat their homes. When searching for kerosene suppliers, one must take into consideration a few factors before making a purchase.

Company Reliability

The reliability of your chosen kerosene supplier is extremely important. You can usually find out whether or not a kerosene supplier is reliable by asking for references from other clients.  Reliability can also be based on a number of different factors. Kerosene suppliers should ensure that they only sell high quality products and that their products are delivered on time, every time.

Ask Your Friends

Friends always make great references when looking for a reliable kerosene supplier. You should ask them who they use on a regular basis and how much their supplier charges for their products.  Keep in mind however, that the price of kerosene fluctuates on a regular basis. While price should be taken into consideration when looking for a supplier, it shouldn’t be the deciding factor.

Coverage Area

Before purchasing your kerosene products, make sure the supplier covers your particular area. Ask them how long it takes for their kerosene fuel products to reach their customers and if they have ever had any issues with delays or delivery failures.  The price of delivery should also be taken into consideration when searching for kerosene suppliers. A good supplier should charge one flat rate for the entire U.K. instead of charging extra for customers that are located in remote areas.

Customer Service

Because you will likely maintain an open line of communication with your chosen kerosene supplier, make sure that they provide quality customer service at every step of the purchase process.  The company should maintain a customer service line during normal business hours and should reply to any inquiry within a reasonable amount of time.

An easy way to determine the quality of customer service is through reviews and references of the company. Stay away from the kerosene supplier if they have a large number of poor reviews or if they have a poor track record of timely deliveries.