Kerosene Conservation Helps Secure Crude Oil Reserves

Discovery of new oil reserves is not keeping pace with consumption and the UK is not exempt from rising kerosene prices posed by the diminishing supply. The long term answers will come from cost effective new energy sources, but the short term will require learning a variety of ways to conserve kerosene fuel. Kerosene suppliers are a good source of information on conserving and are usually happy to make suggestions.

Crude Oil Reserves

Based on 2007 figures, the UK has oil reserves of about seven years, which explains the imports. The world has reserves to last roughly 43 years provided consumption remains flat. Unfortunately, between 2001 and 2007 worldwide energy use grew by 12% and that is likely to accelerate, with the aggressive growth taking place in China and India. Although it is safe to say more reserves will be found, the likelihood of major finds is highly unlikely.

Crude Oil Conservation


Take a hard look at the appliances and decide if it is time to replace an old inefficient water heater or furnace. If they are over ten years old, the reduction in energy usage may well pay for a new appliance in just a few years. Also, don’t buy the biggest if a smaller one will work, and use less energy.

Check appliances to ensure the seals are in good shape and the temperatures are at the optimum energy saver settings per the manufacturer’s specifications.


With 40% of homes in the UK having been built before 1946, there are ample opportunities available just by replacing ,or adding to the ceiling, basement and wall insulation. Raising the R value will reduce kerosene usage, save money and extend the life of the furnace.


Put a jacket on the water heater to reduce heat loss. Replace windows with duel or triple pane glass and put weather stripping around doors. These improvements will add to the impact of improved insulaltion and further reduce kerosene fuel usage.

For help in learning more about conservation and determining the most cost effective changes to make, contact the local kerosene suppliers. They can help reduce fuel use with more money saving suggestions. In addition, they will also be able to provide you with the latest kerosene prices. Now is the time to prepare the house and stock up on kerosene for the winter.