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Industrial Heating Oil is a financially savvy option for businesses. Its competitive pricing, coupled with high calorific value, means more heat per unit, translating into direct savings for your business. This cost-effectiveness is a significant advantage, especially for industries where heating is a substantial part of operational costs.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is at the heart of IHO’s appeal. Designed to burn cleaner and more efficiently than traditional fuels, IHO maximises energy output while minimising waste.

This efficiency not only reduces fuel consumption but also contributes to a lower carbon footprint, aligning with the growing emphasis on eco-friendly industrial practices.

Drop-in Replacement

IHO is fully compatible with BS 2869 Class I, allowing it to mix completely with diesel without the need to empty existing fuel tanks. This means you can refuel and get going without any hassle. Additionally, IHO is authorised for use by numerous top boiler companies in the UK.

Call 0330 128 9838 now for today’s price and fast UK delivery. We’re the only supplier in the North West with vast stock onsite, allowing us to deliver the Industrial Heating Oil fuel within 24-48 hours of order.

Reliable Performance

Reliability is crucial in industrial operations, and IHO delivers consistently. Its formulation ensures a stable and dependable heat output, essential for maintaining optimal operational temperatures. This reliability is especially beneficial during peak demand periods or in colder climates, where consistent heating is non-negotiable.

Clean Fuel Systems, Protecting against Corrosion, and Reducing Emissions

IHO includes a versatile additive that ensures cleanliness of the fuel system, protects against corrosion, controls chamber deposits, and reduces emissions.

Clean Burning Fuel

The colour of IHO is light, it has a minimal odour and is free of sediment, which makes it a cleaner fuel compared to other products available in the market.

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Emergency Fuel Oil Delivery Service

Ask us about same-day deliveries and get refueled in just a few hours. This service is available 365 days a year, day and night, allowing us to supply diesel straight to your site right when you need it the most.

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