Preventing Winter Fuel Contamination

Fuel contamination can be expensive to fix, but it is easy to prevent it from happening. Fuel within the tank is guarded (not completely) against unpredictable weather conditions outside. Whether it is the humidity of the summertime or the damp conditions in the winter, these damages can majorly affect your machinery and result in a costly fix for your company.

Check your fuel regularly! The earlier you spot any oncoming issues with your fuel, the simpler it will be to fix it.

Visible symptoms could range from the fuel looking cloudy, the machine has a difficulty operating, rust is visible on the outside and inside of the fuel tank, and the filter looking slimy or blocked.

If you spot any of the potential symptoms this indicates issues within the system. A professional will examine the fuel and explain what exactly is happening within the tank.

The professional will be able to see:

  • They will clarify any issues within the tank/system
  • Erosion in the tank
  • Unwanted bio-matter
  • Excessive water content
  • Plastic perishing
  • Splitting in the rubber components

Hire a professional to clean the tank

After the complete examination, your fuel might not show potential contamination. We strongly suggest contacting a professional to deep clean your fuel tank a minimum once every year. You can hire specialists to help you with this.

If you don’t maintain the cleanliness of the tank, unwanted impurities can eventually make its way under the fuel and eventually to the bottom of your fuel tank. Examples like particulates, bio-matter, and more. Unfortunately, it’s hard to spot and can easily be dispersed through the fuel system and machinery when using it.

As a result of not being aware of these unwanted and harmful contaminants to your fuel system, it will give your machinery a shortened lifespan if there’s no way to reverse the damages.

Checking the condition of the tank

If there aren’t any noticeable issues after checking your fuel, you have conquered 50% of the possible problems. Now is the time to move on to check the condition of the tank.

The tank is vitally important to look after as this will prevent any possible fuel contamination or damage. Spotting issues early on will mean they can be reversed easier, and the tank is able to be repaired or replaced before the quality of your fuel is vulnerable to damage or your equipment is badly damaged.

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