How can home heating oil last longer?

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Here at Compass Fuel Oils, we are leading fuel oil experts. From Red Diesel to AdBlue, we provide a range of high quality fuel oils across the UK, in bulk and barrels, within just 1-3 days. And we even have the equipment to deliver to hard to reach, remote areas too. This includes home heating oil. But what can you do to help your home heating oil last longer?

What are the effective options to help home heating oil last longer?

With energy price rises squeezing families and homeowners, home heating oil can be a good solution. But it can be a good idea to take measures to try to extend the heating oil, and to help this last longer. The most effective options for this can include:

  • Adjusting thermostats in different rooms
  • Make sure radiators are working efficiently
  • Sealing off draughts and gaps
  • Make sure your oil boiler and burner and services annually

Adjusting thermostats in different rooms to help home heating oil last longer

Making sure that radiators and thermostats are adjusted where possible in each room can be a great way to prevent wasting your heating oil and heating areas of the home that may not need to be kept to the same temperature. For example, while your living area may need to be warm and cosy, bedrooms need to be cooler to allow for peaceful and restful sleep. As a result, setting your bedroom thermostats to 15 or 16 degrees and those in living spaces to 18-20 degrees, you can actually save energy and help your home heating oil last longer.

Ensuring radiator efficiency to extend home heating oil longevity

For the heat to be distributed around your home effectively, the radiators need to be working efficiently and effectively to deliver the heat to the right places. As a result, you may need to consider bleeding your radiators and investing in radiator maintenance to make sure that your heating oil is not being wasted, with heat being blocked in pipes around your home.

Sealing off draughts to to help home heating oil last longer

Draughts and gaps can allow cold air into the home creating uncomfortable chills at different areas of the room. But this isn’t just irritating, it also causes your warm air to be drawn out of the home, making it almost impossible to maintain the right temperature. Buy blocking these draughts and taking measures to better insulate your home you can save money in the long run. This will mean that less heating oil is needed to keep your property warm.

Oil boiler and oil burner servicing

Finally, you will need to make sure that your oil boiler and oil burner are both working efficiently and this will require annual boiler servicing and testing. This will help to make the heating oil last longer because the boiler will not need to work as hard to burn the fuel, and there will be less fuel wastage when heating the home.

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