Home Heating Life Hacks

We are all looking for little ways to save money this year. Due to the energy price rise, a lot of homeowners are searching for life hacks to cut bills shorter. At Compass Fuels, we have gathered a range of life hacks to help you save money and energy this winter.

Use a bedsheet to trap heat for faster drying

Are you tired of paying for expensive clothes dryer cycles? This method may help you dry your washing cheaply, without needing to wait days for it to dry naturally.

All it takes is creating a hot pocket of air by applying a bed sheet over your indoor clothing maiden and in around two hours, your clothes will be just as dry as a round in the tumble dryer! Ensure there is space between the sheet and the wet washing, and place in the warmest spot in your home.

For this trick to work to its full potential, we would recommend placing your maiden close to the radiator.

Create your own DIY draught excluders for free

If your home has lots of cold winter draughts coming in, we have an easy DIY method to make your own. Here’s how to do it:

  • Grab some old tights or long socks
  • Stuff with filling like rice, odd fabrics, or other old socks. You can even use sand if you seal it tightly.
  • Sew it up or use some iron-on fabric tape to seal
  • Finally, use to block off draughts bringing in the cold winter air!

Install a shelf above a radiator to help it distribute the heat

This is a hack that will require you to purchase something, but it may be a smart investment. Basic shelves are available for as little as £8 from budget home stores. These will be available in many different sizes and prices will vary.

Hanging a wall shelf over your radiator will not only provide an aesthetic purpose but will also help the warm air disperse better around the room rather than the air rising straight up to the ceiling. This will help your room feel warm quicker, and help you reduce the amount of time your central heating is on for.

As we approach the coldest months of the year, we strongly recommend having your boiler checked and serviced, and bleeding your radiators to allow the water to warm up and circulate smoothly and quicker.

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to central heating during the energy price spike, an oil home heater may be the perfect answer. For more information about kerosene heating oil, visit our website today or contact a member of our team for expert advice!