Common questions about home heating oil

kerosene heating oil

If you are new to using heating oil to heat your property, you probably have a lot of questions. But here at Compass Fuel Oils, we are the UK’s leading fuel oil specialists, including heating oil. And as such, we have produced this guide to the heating oil questions we are most frequently asked.

What are the most common questions about home heating oil?

Heating oil is used as a way to heat your boiler as an effective alternative to gas or electric. And with an estimated 1.5 million British households running on heating oil, it is becoming increasingly popular. But if you’ve recently moved into a property that uses heating oil, the switch over can feel overwhelming. That’s why we have a compiled answers to the heating oil questions we are most frequently asked.

1.How much heating oil will I need?

The amount of heating oil you will need will depend on a number of factors including the size of your property, the weather, the amount of heating you will require, and the number of people in your property. Having said that, the average household uses 1,400 litres of heating oil per year. And most domestic tanks have a capacity of 1,000 to 2,500 litres. To find out what size tank you have, you can check the label. If the size is not clear or visible, you may have to have this measured by a professional team.

2.What type of heating oil will I need?

Heating oil is referred to by a range of other names including kerosene, home Heating Oil, and burning oil. For domestic properties you will need one of these heating oils, while most commercial properties will use red diesel or similar. Kerosene and paraffin are the two most common heating oil options, and kerosene is usually the better option. This is a longer lasting heating oil that is more cost effective in the long run.

3.Why should I switch to heating oil?

While making the switch to heating oil can be daunting, it is worth it. Heating oil is safe, clean, and efficient, and new A-rated oil-fuelled boilers can produce up to 97% efficiency, making oil a more economical fuel than others. Installing gas may also not be practical for your property, and can be an incredibly expensive process.

4.When should I buy heating oil?

Heating oil is generally cheaper and more readily available in the summer months. But here at Compass Fuel Oils we have a steady supply all year round so that you wont be left in the cold. Having said that, it is often a more practical option to fill up in the summer months, ahead of cold winter weather.

Why should you choose Compass Fuel Oils for your heating oil?

Here at Compass Fuel Oils we supply and deliver both C1 paraffin and kerosene to all locations across the UK in just 1-3 days. For C1 paraffin, we can deliver both 200 litre barrels and 1000 litre IBCs nationwide. For kerosene heating oil, we can offer you anything from a single 205 litre barrel up to 36,500 litres on an articulated tanker!

For high quality fuel oils like paraffin and kerosene, get in touch with the team here at Compass Fuel Oils today.