Have You Met Our Sister Company?

Compass Fuels is known for providing high-quality fuel oil products, services like fuel transfers and waste fuel removal, and UK-wide next day fuel delivery. We offer fuel products and services of an impeccable standard to a wide range of industries such as construction, industrial, maritime, and commercial and domestic heating. But did you know we also have a sister company, Network Environmental, which offers its own range of fantastic fuel services?

If you haven’t yet come across Network Environmental, you may be surprised at the services they offer! Let’s take a look at a few of the core fuel services offered by our sister company Network Environmental:

Fuel Uplifting

Network Environmental offers fuel uplifting for a range of fuels, oils, greases and lubricants. Our fuel uplifting services are suitable for all fuel types and once your uplift is complete, we can return your fuel back to the same tank after a clean, transfer it to a new tank for you, or even transport it to an entirely different site if you wish!

Fuel Polishing

If you suspect that your fuel has become contaminated, or wish to carry out an annual cleaning for fuel that has been stored in the same tank long-term, Network Environmental’s fuel polishing services are perfect for you! Our fuel polishing system can remove dirt, sediment, rust, and bacteria, leaving your fuel fresh, clean, and performing and peak efficiency.

Tank Cleaning

Tank cleaning is vital to perform every 12 months to prevent the build-up of rust, moisture, or bacteria from biofuels in your tanks. This will contaminate your fuel and leave you with unusable product! Whether you’re already uplifting and moving your fuel, polishing it, or merely conducing an annual clean of your tanks, Network Environmental’s professional tank cleaning services can help, leaving your tanks sparkling clean and like-new again!

We work with our sister company Network Environmental to provide the best fuel services in the UK! No matter whether you’re looking for fuel uplifting, fuel transferring, fuel polishing, tank cleaning, or fuel supply of kerosene, red diesel, premium paraffin, and more, Compass Fuels and Network Environmental have got you covered! Get in touch today with our expert teams for more information or to obtain a quote.