Fuel tank hire this winter

Here at Compass Fuel Oils, we are the UK’s leading fuel oil specialists, providing next day delivery across the UK. This includes heating oil too. And we know that for many businesses and companies, keeping fuel levels stocked up over winter is a crucial concern. That’s why we offer a high quality, flexible fuel tank hire service. But what is this? And why should you consider fuel tank hire this winter?

What are the top reasons to consider fuel tank hire this winter?

  1. Stay warm- with our professional fuel tank hire, you can keep your property warm all winter. While fuel tank hire is often associated with agriculture or industrial sites, we can offer a range of fuel tanks for hire, including those with a starting capacity of just 1000 litres. This is perfect for smaller properties, and those with a lower demand for heating fuel, like residential properties and schools, and it can mean you have plenty of heating oil to see you through those cold winter months, without worrying about deliveries in bad weather.
  2. Stay fueled- if you are concerned about keeping your AdBlue or red diesel levels topped up over the winter for your fleet of machinery or vehicles, hiring a fuel tank can be a great solution. You can choose the size of the tank that you will need for your winter requirements, and you can rest assured that you will have enough fuel to stay operating through the toughest weather conditions.
  3. Increased demand- for some companies and businesses, the winter season is a crucial time that sees a dramatic increase in demand. This is especially true for vehicle fleets, and those that transport goods across the country. For this particular time of year, the flexibility of our fuel tank hire here at Compass Fuel Oils can be very beneficial. We provide flexible, versatile options for all our clients, including temporary fuel tank hire, for the times when you need to meet extra demand. This means you don’t have to pay out extra throughout the rest of the year, when you don’t need additional fuel or fuel oils like AdBlue.
  4. Hassle free- our fuel tank hire system is completely hassle free. With tanks covering a wide range of different capacity levels, you can choose the size of the furl tnak you need to hire, as well as the duration. And these fuel tanks don’t need maintenance either. This is because our fuel tanks are fully bunded, and incredibly safe and durable. So you wont have to worry about maintenance, or any external or structural changes. This is because fully bunded, or self bunded tanks are built to be a tank, inside a tank. So you no longer need to build an expensive bund wall system when storing petrochemical liquids.

Fuel tank hire here at Compass Fuel Oils

We offer a professional fuel tank hire service, here at Compass Fuel Oils. We provide a range of fully bunded steel tanks, that range in capacity from 1000 litres up to 10,000 litres. These are capable of safely storing fuel oils or heating oils, depending on your requirements. For more information about how we can help meet your fuel needs this winter, why not get in touch today?