Winter Diesel Guide

How to protect your fuels through the winter months

Defining the fuel property specification

Winter fuel is suitable for year-round use due to its greater resistance to cold temperatures, with a minimum cold filter plugging point (CFPP) of -12°C. In contrast, summer fuel is only approved for use in warmer months, as it has limited resistance to cold with a minimum CFPP of -4°C.

Winter diesel is specifically refined to meet the requirements of colder climates and seasons. However, during periods of extreme cold, performance issues may still arise. It is important to adhere to recommended guidelines to maximise the effectiveness of your fuel during the winter months.

Using summer grade diesel in winter can lead to various problems for your business, including the formation of paraffin crystals in red diesel when it becomes too cold, the accumulation of sludge in fuel tanks due to water formation at lower temperatures, and potential operational issues such as engine damage, equipment failure, and unplanned downtime if these issues are not addressed.


At Compass Fuel Oils, we aim to ensure that you understand the potential challenges that can occur in extreme weather conditions, like wind and rain, and how we can assist you in addressing them. Diesel’s properties are modified seasonally to uphold effective performance and operability in low temperatures.


1. Ensure the tank vent pipe is clear for proper ventilation. Our environmental team specialises in tank inspections and cleaning to detect wax paraffins and fuel contamination.
2. Remove any water from the fuel to prevent freezing and clogging of filters and pipes. Our engineers can remove fuel contamination and polish the diesel to perfection, avoiding the need for costly replacements.
3. Protect equipment from the wind to prevent rapid cooling. We offer a range of fuel storage tanks for safe diesel storage, safeguarding fuel from contamination.
4. Regularly test fuel to detect and prevent the accumulation of paraffin crystals. Our sister company specialises in fuel oil testing & analysis to detect contamination and avoid engine issues.
5. Replenish stocks during the winter season to ensure year-round use of the grade fuel. We offer nationwide fuel deliveries with same-day and next-day to ensure you never run out.
6. Insulate exposed tanks, pipes, and pumps. We provide a wide range of ancillary products and expert advice to help insulate diesel safely.
7. Use winter-appropriate lubricants to protect engines from friction and corrosion. We offer a variety of cold-weather cold-weather lubricants to prevent start-up problems.
8. Use cold additives (Middle Distillate Flow Improvers) as needed. Contact us for personalised advice and to purchase red diesel from Compass Fuel Oils.
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We adjust the quality of our diesel automatically at no additional cost to ensure you receive the appropriate fuel throughout the year. It wouldn’t be cost-effective to supply winter-grade diesel year-round.

During crude oil refining, there is typically less winter-grade fuel available compared to summer-grade. Winter-grade fuel also has a lower energy content than summer-grade. This ensures that our customers always receive top-quality products at the best possible price, regardless of the season.

With nationwide coverage and quantities available in 205-litre oil drums up to 36,000 litres and more, we offer same-day and next-day deliveries for your convenience.

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