Over the years we’ve heard many other names for red diesel including:

  • Gas oil
  • 35 Second Oil
  • Cherry or Pink diesel
  • Tractor Diesel
  • 10ppm – 10 parts per million sulphur
  • 1000ppm – 1000 parts per million sulphur (Class D)
  • ULSG / Ultra Low Sulphur Gas Oil (Class A2)

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We like to keep things simple and stick to RED DIESEL or GAS OIL.

What is red diesel used for?

Red diesel is a reduced/low duty fuel specifically for use in non-road going vehicles, plant and machinery or for home heating. It is also subject to a lower 5% VAT rate unless over 2300 litres is delivered in any single delivery, then it must revert back to 20% VAT. The fuel is marked with a special red dye allowing Customs and Excise to identify when and where red diesel has been used, and also to trace the origins of supply.

  • Plant – Cranes, excavators, diggers, dumpers, bulldozers, telescopic handlers, skid steers, fork  lift trucks, rollers.
  • Industrial Heating i.e. furnaces,  schools, churches, town halls, large residential blocks, swimming pools, interruptible mains gas sites.
  • Agricultural Machines – Tractors, diggers, balers, mowers.
  • Power Generation – Diesel generators, fire sprinkler systems, data centre backup power units, refrigeration units.
  • Marine Vessels – Ferrys, charter boats, fishing vessels, yachts, cargo ships, private pleasure crafts.

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Why choose Compass Fuels as your Red Diesel supplier?

Compass Fuels are one of the UK’s leading red diesel suppliers for both the superb service we provide, and the rapid delivery of red diesel fuel at short notice anywhere in the country.

  • 100% UK nationwide delivery coverage
  • Rapid delivery times – Our standard delivery time is within 1-3 working days.
  • Flexible account payments for commercial users of red diesel.
  • 24/7 – 365 days a year operating enabling you to order red diesel any time of day or night.
  • Over 600+ red diesel supply points throughout the UK.
  • Fuel Management / Top-Up strategies unique to your business to make sure you never run out of red diesel.
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Red Diesel Prices and Quantities

With 20+ years experience as red diesel suppliers and the buying power we have accumulated, Compass is able secure red diesel prices at the best rates available to you. We can offer you anything from a 205 litre barrel up to 36,500 litres on an articulated tanker and our fleet includes the ever popular “baby tanker”. If space really is an issue we also have the ability to pump over barrels of fuel oil from a van, meaning we can reach even the most remote and difficult access jobs going!

Emergency / Out of Hours deliveries arranged quickly!

Our team are specialists in reacting to sites requiring red diesel or kerosene at very short notice. If a tanker delivery isn’t available same day we may be able to deliver or pump over from barrels to avoid your site coming to a complete stand-still, saving you both time and money.