If you’re are currently burning Class A2 Red Diesel / Gas Oil for heat generation or process then you could potentially save hundreds if not thousands of pounds on your fuel bills.

Compass Fuels offer a range of products specifically for use in 35 second boilers including:

  • Furnaceflame®*
  • Green Flame

* Furnaceflame® is a registered trademark of Henty Oil and is supplied through a network of approved Henty Oil distributors.

These alternative fuels can not be used in diesel engined machinery, it’s is designed solely for large industrial or commercial boilers, furnaces and heating systems. Load sizes start at 3000 litres through to a full vehicle load of 35,000 litres and is available nationwide.

These products are typically several pence per litre under the price of Class A2 Gas Oil so there is huge potential for savings to be had, especially on the larger loads.

Common applications for Furnaceflame® include:

  • Industrial furnaces & boilers
  • School, church, town hall & large swimming pool heating systems.
  • Colleges and universities.
  • Large residential blocks.
  • Waste incinerators.

For more information on our alternative fuel oils please call us on 0844 335 6447.