Factors that effect heating oil usage

Home heating oil is an effective way to heat any property, but you will need to manage your fuel usage and be sure to order more fuel before running out. But what are the factors that effect heating oil usage.

What are the different factors that effect heating oil usage?

There are a number of different factors that can have an impact on the amount of heating oil your property uses, and how long your heating oil will last. These include:

  • Insulation- Homes with poor insulation will require more heating oil to maintain a comfortable temperature. Proper insulation helps to keep heat inside the home, reducing the amount of fuel needed to heat the space, and reducing your fuel consumption. As a result, improving home insulation can help you use less hoe heating oil in the winter months.
  • Size of the home- The size of your home will also affect your heating oil usage. Larger homes will require more fuel to heat than smaller homes, although you could think about only heating the rooms that are often used, instead of the whole property, to reduce your home heating oil consumption.
  • Age of the heating system: An older heating system may not be as efficient as a newer one, which could result in higher heating oil usage.This is because it may convert as much of the fuel into heat in the property, with more fuel being wasted. Alternatively, it may not be as efficient at driving heat around the system to where it needs to be, burning more fuel than should be necessary to generate enough energy. Making sure that your heating oil boiler is fully working, and is serviced and well maintained can help to improve the function of your boiler, and reduce fuel consumption.
  • Thermostat setting: The thermostat setting can also affect heating oil usage. Setting the thermostat lower will require more fuel to maintain a comfortable temperature.
  • Occupancy: The number of people living in the home can also affect heating oil usage. A home with more occupants will require more fuel to heat, and generally more hot water.
  • Maintenance: Regular maintenance of the heating system can help ensure that it is operating at its most efficient, which can help reduce heating oil usage.

When should the home heating oil tank be refilled?

The tank you use should have a gauge to tell you how full or empty the tank is, and keeping an eye on this regularly can help you keep track of usage, and when you should restock. In fact, if you are checking your tank manually, we here at Compass Fuel Oils would recommend checking at least every week. You should then order a refill when your tank is about half empty.

If you use a smart monitor to keep an eye on your oil levels, you should be automatically informed when you need to refill. This will help ensure that you never run completely out of oil.

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