Emergency red diesel deliveries

kerosene heating oil

Here at Compass Fuel Oils, we supply a range of fuel oil products including red diesel, AdBlue and Kerosene heating oil. Red diesel is one of the most popular fuels we supply for agricultural machinery, industrial heating, and plant machinery, and this is our guide to everything you should know about emergency red diesel deliveries.

Red diesel delivery service

Here at Compass Fuel Oils we pride ourselves on our high quality fuel delivery service. In fact, our standard delivery time is within 1-3 working days, so you can be sure of a quick, professional delivery service tailored to meet your individual requirements. We can offer you anything from a 205 litre barrel up to 36,500 litres on an articulated tanker and our fleet includes the ever popular “baby tanker”. If space really is an issue we also have the ability to pump over barrels of fuel oil from a van.

In addition to the red diesel itself, we also offer a barrel deliveries and storage tank hire to keep your fuel safe and secure from all weather conditions, and to meet legal requirements.

Manage your red diesel levels

Running out of red diesel can grind your company or business to a halt and so it is a good idea to manage your red diesel levels consistently. Here at Compass Fuel Oils we can supply Magnus Radar Monitors! This highly accurate fuel level monitor is the world’s first battery driven, wireless radar monitor. Magnus Radar Monitors provide accurate, real time information about the level of fuel or fuel oil in your tank, so you’ll know when you’re running low.

Why choose Compass Fuel Oils for emergency red diesel deliveries?

However well prepared you are, it is always possible that you can use more fuel than expected and ultimately run out of red diesel. If this happens, you will need an emergency delivery. There are a number of reasons why you should choose our team of professionals here at Compass Fuel Oils when you have a red diesel emergency. These include:

  • 24/7 service– here at Compass Fuel Oils we can provide a 24/7 service. we are here for you whenever you need us and wherever you are across the UK.
  • Same day or next day delivery- we can offer same or next day delivery for red diesel fuel emergencies. Our team are specialists in reacting to sites requiring red diesel or kerosene at very short notice. If a tanker delivery isn’t available same day we may be able to deliver or pump over from barrels to avoid your site coming to a complete stand-still, saving you both time and money.

If you’re in need of emergency red diesel, get in touch today! And for all your fuel oil needs, from storage tanks to red diesel deliveries, we are the team you can count on, here at Compass Fuel Oils.