Different fuel storage tanks for farms

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Here at Compass Fuel Oils, we are leading fuel oil professionals, delivering a range of high quality fuel oils across the UK, in bulk and barrels, within just 1-3 days. We also offer fuel tank hire too. But what are the different options for fuel storage tanks for farms?

What are the different fuel storage tanks for farms?

There are a number of different fuel storage tanks for farms where fuel consumption levels are well known to be high. From red diesel storage for agricultural vehicles to standard diesel storage for public and road use, any farm is likely to need fuel tanks to store the different types of diesel. But what are the options for these storage tanks and which type of storage tank is the better choice? Well, there are two different options, plastic tanks for fuel, and steel tanks for fuel.

Plastic tanks for fuel

Plastic tanks can be a great option for farms and agriculture for storing red diesel or standard diesel, as this type of tank offers a number of benefits, including:

  • Being more affordable- plastic bunded fuel tanks are generally cheaper than those made of steel, so for farms where storage tanks will be needed not just for fuel but also for AdBlue and heating oil, purchasing plastic tanks can be more cost effective initially. This affordability is generally because they are more light weight and easier to move, which reduced delivery and installation costs.
  • Not rusting- plastic tanks are not susceptible to rust which means that the diesel will not become corrupted by flakes of rust falling from the inside of the fuel tank. It also means that any filtration will not get clogged up with rust particles or sludge.

Steel tanks for fuel

Using steel tanks to store red diesel or standard diesel can also be an effective option for any farm or agricultural space. In fact, steel tanks bring a number of benefits, including:

  • Storing more fuel- while plastic tanks may be cheaper to purchase and install, steel tanks can generally hold much more fuel, safely. This means that you wont need to pay for fuel top ups as often, as long as you have good fuel tank maintenance.
  • Increased longevity- Steel tanks can be more likely to last longer than plastic tanks as these are not as vulnerable to damage form UV exposure, structural failures, or damage from external machinery or equipment. In fact, steel fuel tanks are incredibly durable so these are more likely to last longer, and less likely to need replacing.
  • Increased security- fuel theft is a real problem across the UK and for any farm a steel fuel tank offers much more protection than a plastic one. This can effectively keep out thieves and protect your property.

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