Considerations for home heating fuel tank size

Here at Compass Fuel Oils, we are the UK’s leading fuel oil specialists, providing next day delivery across the UK. This includes heating oil too. And we know that for many businesses and households, keeping fuel levels stocked up over winter is a crucial concern. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about fuel tank sizes, and how to choose the best size tank for your home heating oil.

What are the important considerations for home heating fuel tank size?

If you need a fuel tank for your home heating, or you are replacing an existing tank, there are a number of things you will need to consider to make sure that you choose the right size for your property. These considerations include:

  • The size of the existing tank- if you need to replace an existing fuel tank in your property, and you were happy with the quality of heating previously, simply swapping out a fuel tank, like for like can be a quick and easy solution. For more modern fuel tanks, the size will likely be labelled on the side. However, for older fuel tanks the size may not be labelled at all. You can figure out the measurements by looking at your fuel tank and deciding if this measures 44″ high, 60″ wide, and 27″ deep. If so then that means your old fuel tank is the standard 275 gallons. If not, then it may be best to have this measured by a professional.
  • The amount of available space- if you are having a new fuel tank installed, one of the first things you should consider is the available space. While a large fuel tank can store more fuel, it also takes up more space and might not be suitable for the amount of space you have available. As a result, you can limit your choice of fuel tank sizes by measuring the available space, and sticking to this restriction.
  • The size of your home- if space isn’t an issue, you should consider the size of your property or building overall. A larger four bedroom home will need more fuel than a one bedroom, and this means that a larger fuel tank will be necessary. This should also be based on the number of people in your household. A larger household will likely need more heating for each room and more hot water too.
  • Local weather– the weather in your local area can be a big indicator of how much fuel you will be likely to need in the winter. For very cold winters with lots of snow and sub zero temperatures, a larger fuel tank can store more fuel and help keep your home fully heated. However, for locations with milder winters, a smaller fuel tank can be more practical.
  • Heating habits- when considering what size fuel tank to install, you should consider the amount of heating your household uses. If you like to keep a steady and warm temperature, 20 degrees and more in the winter, a larger fuel tank can be very beneficial.

We offer a professional fuel tank hire service, here at Compass Fuel Oils. We provide a range of fully bunded steel tanks, that range in capacity from 1000 litres up to 10,000 litres. These are capable of safely storing fuel oils or heating oils, depending on your requirements. For more information about how we can help meet your fuel needs this winter, why not get in touch today?