These Service Terms are subject to and in addition to Our General Terms. These Service Terms apply where You receive a Magnus Device

  1. Definitions

When the following words with capital letters are used in these Service Terms, this is what they mean:

We, Us, Our: Compass Fuel Oils Ltd

Device: Magnus™, a radar level monitoring device. Further details are available on Our Service Partner Website:

Minimum Term: a period of (12/24/36 months) from installation of the Device (unless otherwise and explicitly stated and agreed).

Service: the Magnus™ fuel monitoring services which We are providing to You as set out in these Service Terms.

Service Partner: Magnus Monitoring

  1. Ownership of the Device

Except where You buy the Device outright, the Device remains Our property. Upon cancellation of the Service We reserve the right to remove and reclaim the Device.

  1. Data Signal

The Device uses a private and secure Internet of Things data connection and built-in SIM technology to communicate the level in your tank. The Service is only available if Our service provider’s network is successfully received at the point of install. At this time the engineer will be able to establish if the system will work in the area or not and the Service will not be initiated and there is no cost to You if no signal can be picked up. 98% of Ireland currently will pick up this signal.

  1. Services

4.1. Data Collected

We will regularly collect data from Your Device to gauge the volume of Product in Your Tank. You may check this data on Our Service Partner Website: or through your customer App if available to You.

4.2. Service Provision Period

Unless otherwise explicitly agreed, the Service will be supplied for the Minimum Term or until otherwise terminated in accordance with these Terms.

4.3. Fuel supply

Where You have Ordered Our Automatic Delivery Service, We will deliver Product to You in accordance with the General Terms in such amounts as indicated to Us by the Device, or in an otherwise agreed delivery volume. Where You have not Ordered Our Automatic Delivery Service We will contact You when the Device indicates that the volume of Product in Your Tanks is at a level where a new delivery of Product is advisable.


  1. Damage to the Device

5.1. Should the Device be damaged by You or a third party then You will be liable for the full replacement and/or repair costs. Should an engineer visit be required after installation of the Device then Our standard call-out rates will apply.

5.2. If the Device becomes defective during the Minimum Term We will repair or replace the Device at no cost to You. You will return the Device to Us at Our expense following the returns procedure that We will specify at the time of the return. Whilst a Device is defective and until a replacement has been fitted and commissioned Our obligation to provide the Service is suspended. If You are a fee-paying customer, this shall not affect Your obligation to pay the price for the Services unless We fail to supply a replacement Device within a reasonable period of its return.

5.3. You must not interfere with the Device or obstruct the operation of Device (or allow it to be interfered with or its operation to be obstructed).

5.4  Technical Support

Should you experience any technical issue with either the Device or your Customer App please contact Our Service Partner directly either through their website, via the Help section of your Customer app or by email at

  1. Responsibilities

6.1. If We fail to deliver Product or We fail to contact You as required under clause 4.3 of these Service Terms then We will …..  (this would be flexible based on what deal you offer your customers) – for people who select automatic top-up

6.2. You must ensure that the Tank has an accurate and fully functioning meter or gauge as We may not be able to deliver Product to a Tank where measurements can only be taken from the Device.

6.3  If You are moving house you are required to inform Us and the process of relocating the device may incur an additional service charge.

  1. Cancellation

7.1. We will provide the Services for at least the Minimum Term. At the end of the Minimum Term We shall continue to provide the Services and You shall continue to pay for the Services unless You cancel the Services by providing Us with 30 days’ notice in writing.

7.2. You may cancel the Services at any time during the Minimum Term by providing Us with 30 days’ notice in writing.

7.3. If You do not purchase Product from Us during the Minimum Term We reserve the right to cancel the Services and/or remove the Device.

7.4. If You cancel the Services during the Minimum Term because You are moving home then clause 7.2 of these Service Terms shall not apply provided that You have given Us 30 days’ notice in writing.

7.5. We may amend these Service Terms from time-to-time by giving at least 30 days’ notice in writing; You may cancel the Services if We amend the Service Terms. If You cancel the Services during the Minimum Term because We have (or will have) changed the Service Terms then clause 7.2 of these Service Terms shall not apply provided that You have given Us 30 days’ notice in writing.

  1. Data Protection

8.1 Sweeney Oil and Our Service Partner respect your right to privacy and fully complies with the obligations set out under the GDPR (General Data Protection Rules in effect as of 25.05.18)


8.2 Sweeney Oil and Our Service Partner hold your privacy and rights of the utmost importance and will endeavour to ensure your data security and integrity at all times.


8.3 Sweeney Oil and Our Service Partner will use your personal data for the following purposes only.

  • To process and deliver any goods or services you have ordered from us.
  • To contact you with regard to any goods or services you have or ordered from us.
  • To respond to any enquiry, contact or application form you submit to us.
  • To send you emails and/or text messages if you have opted in to these services.
  • To contact you in connection with any competitions you have entered.

8.4 Sweeney Oil or Our Service Partner may provide non-personal data to third parties but only if the information is in aggregate form and is combined with similar information of other users of our monitoring solution. These third parties may include our commercial partners, researchers and other similar parties. Sweeney Oil or Our Service Partner will not disclose your personal data to any third parties unless you have consented to this or unless the third party is required to fulfil your order (please note that if this case arises the third party will be bound by the Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2002). Sweeney Oil and Our Service Partner will only disclose your personal data if we believe it to be in good faith or if required to disclose it in order to comply with any applicable law, summons, search warrant, court or regulatory order, or other statutory requirement.


Other Sections that could be added based on direction you choose:

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