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Category Archives: Red Diesel

Fueling your construction site this winter

red diesel supplier to the construction industry

With Christmas on the horizon, and the temperatures already plummeting in some parts of the country, now is a perfect time for your construction site to begin taking measures to prepare for winter. From additional heating and provisions for staff, to taking care of your machinery and storing this successfully, there are a number of […]

Advantages of red diesel for back-up generators

Red Diesel – Nationwide Suppliers, Bulk & Barrels

With winter fast approaching, many industrial, agricultural and construction sites, especially in rural areas, will be starting to think about the back up generator. In place to prevent total loss of power during heavy winter weather and power cuts, the backup generator can be an important source of power and heat throughout winter months. If […]

Advantages of red diesel for plant machinery

red diesel supplier to the construction industry

Here at Compass Fuel Oils, we supply a range of fuel oil products including red diesel, AdBlue and Kerosene heating oil. Red diesel is one of the most popular fuels we supply for agricultural machinery, industrial heating, and plant machinery. But why should you choose red diesel for your plant machinery? And what kind of […]

Fleet Upgrade News

As part of our constant fleet upgrade scheme, today saw the Compass HQ say goodbye to the oldest truck in the fleet and in it’s place, arrived a newly built tanker from Northern Ireland-based Morrow Tanker Services. With a maximum load capacity of 8500L it’s perfectly suited to servicing both domestic customers with kerosene heating […]

New Vehicle Livery

Our new DAF 4 wheeler is back from the sign writers and looking fantastic and ready for some hard work around the North West this winter. Remember we deliver gas oil, kerosene heating oil, lubricants and AdBlue all over the region so why not give us a call on 01772 619 461 and let us […]

Things to Look Out For When Choosing Your Red Diesel Company

If you’re planning a major Red Diesel purchase, then think carefully about the company that you are purchasing from. Some companies will go the extra mile to meet your requirements and others will just provide you with a standard service.  This is something we pride ourselves on at Compass Fuels, to build lasting relationships with […]