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Fleet Upgrade News

As part of our constant fleet upgrade scheme, today saw the Compass HQ say goodbye to the oldest truck in the fleet and in it’s place, arrived a newly built tanker from Northern Ireland-based Morrow Tanker Services.

With a maximum load capacity of 8500L it’s perfectly suited to servicing both domestic customers with kerosene heating oil, as well as red diesel (Gas Oil) deliveries on to building sites with diesel generators or plant bowsers.

If you have a site requiring a small / baby tanker then don’t hesitate to give Compass Fuels a call today on 01772 619 461.



Published Date: 10th May 2017
Category: Emergency Fuel Deliveries, Fuel oils, Gas Oil, Heating Oil, Kerosene, Red Diesel



New Vehicle Livery

Our new DAF 4 wheeler is back from the sign writers and looking fantastic and ready for some hard work around the North West this winter.

Remember we deliver gas oil, kerosene heating oil, lubricants and AdBlue all over the region so why not give us a call on 01772 619 461 and let us quote you today.




Published Date: 12th December 2016
Category: Adblue, Fuel oils, Gas Oil, General, Heating Oil, Kerosene, Red Diesel



New truck arrives at Preston HQ

It’s new truck Tuesday here at the Compass HQ!

Today we welcome a new addition into the Compass fleet – a 13,500 litre Leyland DAF 4 wheeler to help us keep up with the demand of the domestic kerosene market throughout winter.

It’s small size means we can reach 99% of deliveries with ease, making sure you are never without heating oil over the festive period.

Call our NW Preston depot today on 01772 619 461 to order your kerosene heating oil.



Published Date: 29th November 2016
Category: Heating Oil, Kerosene



How to open 45 gallon steel drums

If you’re reading this page the likelihood is you’ve just taken delivery of a barrel of fuel oil (such as red diesel, kerosene, paraffin) or a lubricant and you’re stuck on how to open the 2″ screw cap.

By far the easiest method is to buy a drum wrench – a special tool designed solely for opening the various screw caps found on 45 gallon steel drums.


The only downside is these can be relatively expensive (approx £20-30) and it’s unlikely you’re local hardware store will stock them, which means waiting for them to arrive in the post.

What if you need to get access to the product inside the barrel today?

The most simple way of getting the lid off is to grab 2 large flat-bladed screwdrivers and use them to create a lever as shown in the picture below.

Simply turn the cap anti-clockwise to loosen it off, and then clockwise to tighten it back up.

How To Open 45 Gallon Steel Drum

Take care when attempting this as the screwdrivers may slip off the cap and cause damage or harm.

Still struggling to get it open?

Give us a call on 0844 355 6447 and speak to a member of our team who may be able to help you further.




Published Date: 21st November 2014
Category: Ancillary Equipment, Barrels, Gas Oil, General, Heating Oil, Kerosene, Lubricants, Paraffin, Red Diesel



New Warehouse Build

Building up the block work on the stores building.

We have recently started work on our brand new purpose-built yard and storage facility in Little Hoole on the outskirts of Preston, Lancashire.


This new facility will have Red Diesel and Kerosene available on a metered pump (like a normal fuel station) open to the general public to come and buy in small containers or 205 litre barrels.

Welding Wall Ties



The yard will also be large enough to accommodate tractors, plant machinery and low-loaders with fuel bowsers ready to deliver to site.

In the mean time our current warehouse is still fully operational with lubricants, greases, red diesel and kerosene so get in touch as normal if you require anything.

We’ll keep the blog updated with more pictures and information as the build continues.  Thanks for reading.

Compass Fuels Team






Published Date: 18th October 2013
Category: Gas Oil, General, Kerosene, Red Diesel



Kerosene Barrels from Compass Fuels

Compass Fuels can supply you with barrels of kerosene to suit your every need.


Barrels of kerosene are best suited when:

  • Tanker access to a particular site is difficult
  • No large quantity storage facilities are available at the site
  • A small amount of kerosene is required on site

Information on kerosene barrels

All kerosene barrels:

  • Come with a collection service when empty
  • Comply with UN Regulations for storage purposes
  • Are Reusable
  • Manufactured from mild steel

Ancillary equipment used in conjunction with kerosene barrels

  • Barrel PumpsSpill Pallet
  • Barrel Taps
  • Grease Guns
  • Flow Meters
  • Chemical Spill Kits
  • Oil Spill Kits

Areas we deliver Kerosene barrels to in the North West:

Blackburn, Bretherton, Blackpool, Bamber Bridge, Burnley, Bolton, Chorley, Darwen, Hesketh Bank, Hoghton, Leyland, Longridge, Longton, Lostock Hall, Liverpool, Manchester, Ormskirk, Preston, Penwortham, Padiham, Southport, Salford, Skipton, Scarisbrick, Tarleton.


Published Date: 24th July 2013
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Kerosene Suppliers in the UK: How to Find One

Kerosene fuel is widely used in the UK by private consumers who need an affordable way to heat their homes. When searching for kerosene suppliers, one must take into consideration a few factors before making a purchase.

Company Reliability

The reliability of your chosen kerosene supplier is extremely important. You can usually find out whether or not a kerosene supplier is reliable by asking for references from other clients.  Reliability can also be based on a number of different factors. Kerosene suppliers should ensure that they only sell high quality products and that their products are delivered on time, every time.

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Published Date: 18th February 2013
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The Most Common Uses of Kerosene

Kerosene is known by many different names including boiler juice, heating oil, paraffin and standard kerosene. Produced through the distillation of crude oil kerosene is a thin clear liquid traditionally used for heating, lighting, for powering various types of aircraft and within home-based central heating systems. Kerosene is one of the most traditional sources of providing heat and light, originally within lanterns, and is still used worldwide, to cook and provide entertainment particularly to those within less affluent and developed countries.

Kerosene for Domestic Use

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Published Date: 18th February 2012
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Back to the Old Days with Paraffin Heaters

With energy prices driving some people to distraction, conservation may be taking us all back to the future. ‘Paraffin heater’ is an old familiar term that is getting a whole new look, as well as new technology to bring it into the twenty first century. Oil refiners and heater manufacturers have worked hard to develop new equipment and fuels to make portable heaters a viable cost effective alternative to central heating.

Paraffin Heaters

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Published Date: 13th August 2011
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Kerosene Conservation Helps Secure Crude Oil Reserves

Discovery of new oil reserves is not keeping pace with consumption and the UK is not exempt from rising kerosene prices posed by the diminishing supply. The long term answers will come from cost effective new energy sources, but the short term will require learning a variety of ways to conserve kerosene fuel. Kerosene suppliers are a good source of information on conserving and are usually happy to make suggestions.

Crude Oil Reserves

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Published Date: 31st July 2011
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