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How to open 45 gallon steel drums

If you’re reading this page the likelihood is you’ve just taken delivery of a barrel of fuel oil (such as red diesel, kerosene, paraffin) or a lubricant and you’re stuck on how to open the 2″ screw cap. By far the easiest method is to buy a drum wrench – a special tool designed solely for […]

Looking to buy Red Diesel in barrels? Choose Compass Fuels!

Compass Fuels are one of the only companies that offer 100% UK coverage of Red Diesel delivered in 200 or 205 litre barrels. Barrels of red diesel are best suited when: Site access is difficult and larger vehicles are unsuitable. No large quantity storage facilities are available or allowed on the site. Site is unsecured […]

Kerosene Barrels from Compass Fuels

Compass Fuels can supply you with barrels of kerosene to suit your every need. Barrels of kerosene are best suited when: Tanker access to a particular site is difficult No large quantity storage facilities are available at the site A small amount of kerosene is required on site Information on kerosene barrels All kerosene barrels: […]