Blocked filter problems lead to new testing protocol for red diesel

Last year saw a sharp rise in the occurrences of blocked filters on tractors and other farm machinery. This has led to the development of a new sampling and testing protocol for red diesel.

Jamie Smart, transport advisor for NFU Scotland (NFUS) said that this is being developed at the request of a specialist task force at the British Standards Institution (BSI). This is aiming to specifically investigate the potential problems associated with biofuel levels in red diesel.

“This means that in the event of any issues this winter we can be ready to gather further evidence of what is causing filter blocking problems and where exactly the fuel is coming from”

Currently, investigations have found no clear or obvious cause of the filter blocking issues, and Jamie Smart has stated that NFUS and its counterparts in England will continue lobbying the BSI to make sure that fuel is fit for purpose across the agricultural sector. This includes fuel specifications.

Farmers in the mean time have been advised to take practical steps to reduce the chances of seeing these problems occur again this year. These steps include:

  •  not storing fuel for longer than six months
  • keeping storage tanks under cover
  • taking steps to minimise fuel exposure to extremes of temperature
  • ensuring the use of the correct grade of diesel depending on the time of year

Mr Smart also added:

“If possible, fit a filter between your storage tank and the supply nozzle as these can help catch any large particles and dampness before they enter the tractor tank. And finally, if you do encounter a problem which you suspect may be caused by contaminated fuel, contact your NFU Scotland regional manager for advice.”

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