Back to the Old Days with Paraffin Heaters

With energy prices driving some people to distraction, conservation may be taking us all back to the future. ‘Paraffin heater’ is an old familiar term that is getting a whole new look, as well as new technology to bring it into the twenty first century. Oil refiners and heater manufacturers have worked hard to develop new equipment and fuels to make portable heaters a viable cost effective alternative to central heating.

Paraffin Heaters

With sleek new styling, state of the art controls and new safety features, this isn’t your grandmother’s kerosene heater anymore.
Fully programmable timers with automatic start and shut off functions allow for preheating in the morning and fuel savings at night. In addition, many models come with a digital thermostat and heat distributing fan to ensure a comfortable temperature is maintained throughout the room.

Saftey of Paraffin Heaters

Safety is a top priority with manufacturers today, and they have incorporated several safety features in the manufacture of new heaters. Accidents do happen and in the past, knocking over a kerosene heater could prove dangerous. The new heaters instantly shut off to prevent a fire. Better insulation reduces the temperature of the exterior shell, preventing scalding should it be touched inadvertently. Even so, young children or animals should not be left unattended in a room with a portable heater. Most modern heaters have sensors designed to monitor the air as well as temperature and will shut the heater off, should the oxygen level fall too low or the temperature rise above a certain point.

Fuel for Paraffin Heaters

Portable paraffin heaters used to run on kerosene, of course. Paraffin oil today is more refined, has fewer impurities and burns much more efficiently than regular 28sec kerosene. Most paraffin suppliers carry a low sulfur, premium grade paraffin oil made for the new high efficiency heaters. Another benefit, to the more refined low sulfur paraffin liquid, is that it is virtually odorless.

Premium Paraffin Fuel

Heating one room as opposed to the whole house, saves money. Using a technologically advanced, high efficiency kerosene heater also saves money. Burning a premium paraffin liquid such as K-1 will add to the savings. Your local paraffin suppliers can provide pricing for fuel, along with additional suggestions on the type of heater to buy, so you can, you guessed it, save money.