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The Legal Uses Of Red Diesel

Red diesel is predominantly used as a home heating oil, possessing many similar characteristics to standard diesel. In order to distinguish between the two, primarily because home heating oil costs considerably less because of levied taxes, a red dye is added to prevent its unlawful or illegal usage. This allows law-enforcing authorities to easily detect […]

Compass Supplies Fuel for Ricoh’ British Women’s Open Golf tournament

With the Ricoh’ British Women’s Open Golf tournament held at Carnoustie in Scotland in late July, Compass Fuels were delighted that they secured the contract and supplied fuel to the event, which is classified as a major championship. The Women’s British Open is a leading event in women’s professional golf and it’s the only tournament which […]

Back to the Old Days with Paraffin Heaters

With energy prices driving some people to distraction, conservation may be taking us all back to the future. ‘Paraffin heater’ is an old familiar term that is getting a whole new look, as well as new technology to bring it into the twenty first century. Oil refiners and heater manufacturers have worked hard to develop […]

What Affects Fuel Oils Pricing: The Basics of Supply and Demand

Libraries are filled with books about supply and demand, economics professors have practically turned it into an industry itself. The concept, when applied to fuel oil, is no different from other commodities, with the possible exception of politics. Fuel oil suppliers are the face of the industry for most customers, and they are often required […]

Paraffin Heaters: The Alternative way of Heating This Winter

Sometimes, what was old, is new again, and that applies to portable heaters.  Before central heating systems and natural gas or electric heat, there were kerosene heaters. With the high cost of energy today, portable heaters are making a come back with improved technology, for both the heaters and the fuel.   What is a […]

Kerosene Conservation Helps Secure Crude Oil Reserves

Discovery of new oil reserves is not keeping pace with consumption and the UK is not exempt from rising kerosene prices posed by the diminishing supply. The long term answers will come from cost effective new energy sources, but the short term will require learning a variety of ways to conserve kerosene fuel. Kerosene suppliers […]

The Causes of High Gas Oil Prices

Typically like most things, gas oil prices are also influenced by supply and demand.  When gas oil suppliers purchase gas oil in the summer months, because of the demand this often drives gas oil prices higher.  In the winter where there is more reliance on other fuels there is less demand for gas oil suppliers […]

With Declining Crude Oil Reserves What Are The Possible Alternatives For Kerosene?

Like the dinosaurs, crude oil is going to die out, and we need to begin looking for alternatives to kerosene for heating our buildings. While there are alternative energy sources in various stages of development, kerosene prices are still the most cost effective for many areas of the country, and it’s easy to find local […]