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Can I Buy Red Diesel From Your Preston, Lancashire Depot?

Yes, we sell Red Diesel on the pump in our Preston depot.  Compass Fuel Oils are a Lancashire-based Red Diesel / Gas Oil supplier, supplying local businesses and industry right across Preston and Lancashire. We have on-site storage facilities offering: Red Diesel Kerosene Heating Oil Premium Paraffin Quality Lubricants Ancillary fuel oil products Call the […]

Kerosene Suppliers in the UK: How to Find One

Kerosene fuel is widely used in the UK by private consumers who need an affordable way to heat their homes. When searching for kerosene suppliers, one must take into consideration a few factors before making a purchase. Company Reliability The reliability of your chosen kerosene supplier is extremely important. You can usually find out whether […]

Tips on How to Find a Heating Oil Supplier

Finding a trustworthy heating oil supplier to create a long-lasting relationship with is essential for both private consumers and commercial clients.  If you’re currently in the market for a new supplier or have never purchased heating oil before, here are some helpful tips on how to get started: Reputation is Everything In the heating oil […]

What Is AdBlue® and What Are its Uses?

In 2005 the legislation on diesel vehicles in the UK & Ireland and in the rest of Europe demanded a drastic reduction of NOx emissions.  As a result of this, most new trucks, buses, coaches and vans built after 2005 have been equipped with SCR technology (Selective Catalytic Reduction). In short, If you have a purchased […]

The Most Common Uses of Kerosene

Kerosene is known by many different names including boiler juice, heating oil, paraffin and standard kerosene. Produced through the distillation of crude oil kerosene is a thin clear liquid traditionally used for heating, lighting, for powering various types of aircraft and within home-based central heating systems. Kerosene is one of the most traditional sources of […]

Adblue – The Fundamental Resource For Many Modes Of Transport

Commonly mistaken for a fuel additive, Adblue is a fluid used most commonly within the Euro 4&5 engines. It is in fact, so essential to their functionality, they are unable to operate without it. The cleansing process is carried out with the Adblue solution being injected into the exhaust gasses cleaing the exhaust gasses before […]

Recent Fluctuations In Red Diesel Prices

Everybody knows that red diesel prices have fluctuated recently, moving both up and down, reflecting the changes in the movement of the market as a whole. But those individuals looking to capitalise on the movements and score the lowest possible price, will be glad to know that towards the end of the last month and […]

Adblue Significantly Reduces Exhaust Emissions

With the authorities really putting the wheels in motion to become a more environmentally friendly country, the introduction, standardisation and regulations concerning the use of adblue has since been enforced. The standards regarding this pioneering introduction are regulations DIN70070 and ISO22241. All new vehicles within restricted settings are now prohibited from being produced without the […]