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Ancillary Equipment Supplied by Compass Fuels

Compass Fuels can supply you with the complete range of ancillary equipment to suit your every need.  The ancillary equipment Compass Fuels supplies are:

  • Barrel Pumps
  • Barrel Taps
  • Flow Meters
  • Grease Guns
  • Chemical Spill Kits
  • Oil Spill Kits
  • Plus many more…

Why choose Compass Fuels for your ancillary equipment

Seen as both ‘business responsive’ and a ‘family friendly’, company Compass Fuels has the complete package when it comes to delivering ancillary equipment.  Compass separates themselves from other ancillary equipment suppliers as they provide:

  • Emergency coverage and ‘fast turnaround’ of ancillary equipment
  • ‘24/7 – 365 days a year’ so you can order your ancillary equipment any time of day
  • Email to receive a quote on your ancillary equipment
  • Technical ‘Help desk’ availability on any ancillary equipment queries
  •  ‘One stop shop’ – one number to call to order your ancillary equipment <b>0844 335 64 47</b>

Why do you need ancillary equipment

  • Helps using chemicals and fuels a more cleaner operation
  • Helps protect the environment from, spillages and leaks
  • Helps transferring fuels much simpler

For orders or free advice on your ancillary equipment please call 0844 335 64 47