All About AdBlue

If you own a diesel car built after September 2015 or are currently looking at used cars that fall into this category, you may or may not be aware of their need for a fluid called AdBlue.

Like anything automotive, it may seem daunting or complicated, but in reality, it’s just a fluid added to a diesel car to make it more environmentally friendly, whilst making it comply with the ever-changing standards regarding emissions.

What is AdBlue?

AdBlue is a biodegradable, completely harmless solution designed to help diesel vehicles meet the latest Euro exhaust emissions regulations. AdBlue is made from 32.5 percent urea and 67.5 percent deionized water. And no, it’s not actual urine, it’s made from synthetic materials.

How Does AdBlue Work?

Typically, modern diesels utilise a treatment system called Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR). Basically, the SCR blends the AdBlue with the engine’s exhaust gasses, which creates a chemical reaction, to convert nitrogen oxides into nitrogen, water and carbon dioxide. As a result, the gasses emitted are less harmful to the environment and our health.

What Happens if you Don’t Fill Up Your AdBlue Tank?

SCR equipped cars typically reduce engine performance, with some not starting at all if AdBlue levels are completely depleted. Don’t worry about it though, because a low-level warning light will appear on your vehicle’s dashboard long before you run out.

Where Can You Find AdBlue?

A wide variety of petrol stations will have lots of AdBlue, whether it’s as a standalone pump, or as large containers you can take home. Alternatively, you can find AdBlue being sold at local car dealerships, supermarkets, and online.

How Much Is AdBlue?

As with anything, prices vary greatly across locations and sellers, local and national sellers suggest that £1.00 per litre is around the going rate.

How Do You Refuel the Tank?

Similar to refilling your diesel tank, there will be an AdBlue filler cap somewhere on your car. Where the filler nozzle is completely varies from car to car, so we would recommend checking your vehicle’s handbook.

If you are still unsure about AdBlue, get in contact with our specialist team here at Compass Fuels Ltd.