Advantages of kerosene heating oil

Kerosene heating oil deliveries

During the winter months, we all begin to rely on our heating equipment a lot more. From regular boilers connected to the grid, to gas tanks and heating oil systems, the winter weather makes it necessary to have your heating and hot water working. If you’ve recently moved into a property, or have taken ownership of a school or commercial property, that does not have gas from the grid, you might be a little overwhelmed. But you are not alone. Across the UK, around 1.1m households are not connected to the national gas grid, and instead rely on heating oil to heat their homes. Kerosene is one of the most popular options available, but what are the advantages of kerosene heating oil? Well, here at Compass Fuel Oils, we are leading fuel oil experts. From Red Diesel to AdBlue, we provide a range of high quality fuel oils across the UK, in bulk and barrels, within just 1-3 days. And we even have the equipment to deliver to hard to reach, remote areas too. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about kerosene heating oil.

What is kerosene heating oil

Kerosene heating oil is also known as domestic oil, heating oil, kero, lamp oil, burning oil , 28 second oil, and fuel oil. This is a flammable and robust liquid that can generate heat, light and power. Kerosene is used by millions of domestic properties to fuel household hot water boilers, central heating systems and heat storage stoves such as an AGA.

What are the advantages of kerosene heating oil?

Kerosene heating oil is an impressive type of fuel that is associated with a range of advantages, including:

Safety- Kerosene is a lighter and cleaner fuel, especially when compared to gas oil. With a low risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and a clean burn, kerosene is one of the safest fuels available.
Cost effective- kerosene heating oil is incredibly cost effective to produce, and this means that this heating oil is available with a comparatively low price tag. In fact, kerosene is actually one of the most cost-effective ways to heat your home.
Better for the environment- kerosene heating oil is more environmentally friendly than other options, as it produces fewer fumes in its paraffin form, especially compared to coal and wood. However, kerosene heating oil can also emit some poisonous gases so it’s important to handle and store it correctly to avoid inhalation.
Long shelf life- because kerosene heating oil is not corrosive, it can actually be stored in a suitable container and kept in dry and controlled conditions for long periods of time without harm.
Cold weather- in cold weather kerosene heating oil is unlikely to form crystals or wax, that can otherwise prevent movement and flow, until it reaches around -39°C (although check with the supplier, as this can vary).

For more information about kerosene heating oil. or to arrange delivery this winter, get in touch with the professionals today, here at Compass Fuel Oils.